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Higher-Performance UV-C Solutions from Lumitronix Feature Nichia's New NCSU334B UVC LED

Following the successful introduction of the first UVC LED modules in August 2020, LED expert Lumitronix from Hechingen is expanding the existing concept of linear module solutions with three new, more powerful versions. These are as well mainly addressed to professional customers who are trained in handling UV-C radiation and can ensure a risk-free application.

In addition to the special linear UV-C optics Violet from LEDiL, which is used in two module versions, the Baden-Württemberg company relied on the latest UVC LED NCSU334B from Japanese LED manufacturer Nichia in the development of its products. The efficient UV LED emits a wavelength of 280 nm and is characterised by a high optical output of 70 mW at 350 mA. With twelve of these light-emitting diodes, which are installed on the modules from Lumitronix, a total optical output of up to 1176 mW can be achieved depending on the power supply. Compared to the modules with Seoul Viosys LEDs, this results in a four times faster disinfection performance and thus an extremely efficient neutralisation of germs, bacteria and viruses.

The first module variant is a ready-to-use all-in-one solution and is operated with constant voltage (48 V). The board, which is equipped with twelve Nichia NCSU334B UV-C LEDs and three signal LEDs (red, green, blue), is located in a robust aluminium housing that is very easy to install with screws. The violet optic is built into the cover. In addition, the aluminium case accommodates the PowerController V2, a compact control unit that enables a safe operation of the module.

Since UV radiation - especially in the UVC wavelength range used - has an extremely destructive effect on organic tissue and many inorganic materials, contact with living organisms should be avoided and, in the case of objects, limited to as short a period as possible. Lumitronix has addressed this problem and developed a concept for the safe operation of the LED module.

A combination of button, switch, motion sensor (still to be connected separately) and the three signal LEDs ensures that there are no people in the room where sterilization is to be performed. The UVC module can only be activated via the switch when the motion sensor registers no more movement after 10 seconds, the button is activated by closing the door and all safety conditions are fulfilled by a green signal LED.

The second module version also includes a circuit board with 12 NCSU334B LEDs and three control diodes as well as a cover with the rod lens of LEDiL. An external control unit can be easily connected. The constant current module (1050 mA) is primarily aimed at the processing industry, such as manufacturers of special luminaires or medical technology companies.

Last but not least, a third version is available in the form of an aluminium circuit board, which is equipped in the same way as the versions with housing. In this case, the optics have been omitted, but are available separately. Again, 1050 mA constant current is required for operation.

In addition to the three conceived solutions, Lumitronix also offers individual adaptations in terms of design and control. Ready-to-use complete solutions, which are tailored to the customer's requirements, are available on request. The expert knowledge of the Swabian LED company is aimed at the entire industry. Current projects include the fields of medicine, mechanical engineering and consumer end products. Nichia's new NCSU334B LEDs extend the range of applications for UVC LED technology, as the high output of the LEDs enables disinfection of larger areas or rooms within a very short period of time.

About Lumitronix:

Lumitronix has been one of the leading specialists for LEDs and LED products for many years. As a competent partner for the industry, Lumitronix possesses broad application knowledge from numerous sectors.
In 2012 Lumitronix has started to distribute the UV LEDs of the world market leader Nichia. At the same time the first customer-specific LED assemblies for UVA applications were produced. Since 2018, Lumitronix has been working intensively on the application possibilities of UVC LED technology, in particular on targeted disinfection with UVC radiation. In 2020 the first standard modules with UVC LEDs are produced in series and furthermore individual customer requirements are realised.
The Swabian company, based in Hechingen, Germany, has ISO 9001 certification and is also the official distributor of market-leading manufacturers of LED technology. Lumitronix is not only involved in the distribution of LED products, but also develops and manufactures in-house according to customer-specific requirements. Two ultra-modern production lines with the latest machine technology allow the assembly of both rigid and flexible PCBs. A special feature of the flex production is the reel-to-reel processing, with which almost endless lengths can be realized. The production site in Hechingen furthermore provides the benefit of being able to respond quickly and reliably to individual customer wishes and requirements. Quality Made in Germany. -