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Hospitality COB Series Ideal for Hotels and Restaurants

Luminus Devices today introduced its new Hospitality COB Series. With LES sizes ranging from 6mm to 22mm, and lumen output from 500 to 5000 lumens, the Luminus Hospitality COB series is the smart choice for beautiful, warm light with excellent color rendering and precise 2 step SDCM color control standard.

As LEDs have been adopted into indoor illumination applications over the past decade, the industry has reached impressive cost and energy efficiency goals, but for Luminus, the focus has always been on taking the quality of light to new heights. Luminus now further establishes their leadership position with the Hospitality COB Series, with high color rendering, precise chromaticity control, and warm CCTs specifically designed to deliver comfortable lighting scenes in hotels, restaurants, and other applications where warm, quality of light is essential. 

What makes the Hospitality COB Series different from other warm light sources? 
Luminus engineers teamed up with global hospitality lighting customers to identify unique “xy chromaticity” targets just slightly below the black body locus (BBL) where the warm tint provides a comfortable environment for humans without any “greenish” tint which might be present with typical industry standard lights.  Until now, the lighting industry has largely followed the CCT chromaticity “bins” defined by ANSI which are centered on the BBL at nominal, warm CCTs of 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K.  This means that half of the light sources will be above the BBL and half below, and those above will lean toward a greenish tint, which is extremely unattractive, especially on human skin.  The 4000K ANSI color space is even centered slightly above the BBL, which further raises the possibility of your standard LEDs from other suppliers producing that undesirable green tint. 

The Luminus Hospitality COB Series also leverages unique phosphor and chip combinations to deliver 90 or 95 CRI minimum, high R9 values, and industry-leading TM-30-15 & TM-30-18 specifications.  Sr. Global COB Marketing Director, David Davito, adds “while this COB series was created for the hospitality industry, we’re finding that the 2-step color control, excellent color rendering, and attractive warm tones on human skin also appeal to lighting designers for retail shops and other public spaces."

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