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Ledvance's New Portfolio Provides Smart Lighting for a Better Living Experience

An increasing number of customers are looking to integrate smart home functions in their residential area. With Professional Smart for Residential and the new Ledvance PARATHOM® portfolio, Ledvance supports professional users such as installers to achieve the full potential of connected lighting for their customers. The new Ledvance PARATHOM® portfolio for residential and garden areas can be controlled optionally by voice command or app and offers a suitable solution for a wide range of requirements. The portfolio impresses with a combination of quality, innovation, reliability and user-friendliness and is complemented by easy installation, good value for money and features such as color and color temperature change or dimming capabilities.

Voice control via Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant

Professional Smart for Residential is available with either ZigBee or Bluetooth technology and, in addition the operation via app, allows convenient voice control with digital assistants such as Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple or Google Assistant.

System compatibility of PARATHOM® ZigBee

PARATHOM® ZigBee's smart lighting can be integrated into existing or preferred independent, compatible smart home systems, allowing control via app or smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Nest. The compatible gateways include Philips Hue Bridge, Deutsche Telekom QIVICON, Schwaiger Gateway, Samsung SmartThings or SMART HOME by Hornbach. No external gateway is necessary if the device is controlled via Alexa with Amazon Echo Plus, Echo Show (2nd generation) or Echo Studio since these devices have already integrated a ZigBee gateway.

Thanks to the latest ZigBee 3.0 technology a high security standard is guaranteed and allows control on the go. In addition, the Professional Smart for Residential portfolio enables the easy creation of different light scenarios – dimmed, from warm to cool white and multicolor for choosing from 16 million colors. Complex functions such as wake-up light or home presence simulation complement the reliable, smart lighting solutions with ZigBee technology.

Easy setup of PARATHOM® Bluetooth

The PARATHOM® Bluetooth portfolio can be set up easily in less than one minute and no gateway is required. It allows lighting products to be controlled either via the Ledvance SMART+ app for Android and iOS, the Apple Home app or voice control via smart speakers such as Apple HomePod or Amazon Echo. The PARATHOM® Bluetooth portfolio from Ledvance can also be integrated into a Bluetooth mesh network. Users of the Ledvance SMART+ app therefore benefit from the new Bluetooth 5 standard. For example, if there are several Ledvance Bluetooth mesh devices, users can extend the control range of the smartphone to control the lights in another room, on the next floor or even in the garden – without getting up from the sofa.


A selection of smart lamps, LED strips and components from Professional Smart for Residential can be found on the Ledvance website at

About Ledvance:

With subsidiaries in more than 50 countries and business activities in over 140 countries, Ledvance is one of the world's leading general lighting companies for professional customers and end-consumers. Originating from Osram's general lighting division, Ledvance's portfolio includes a wide range of LED luminaires for a variety of applications, intelligent lighting products for smart homes and smart buildings, one of the most comprehensive offerings of advanced LED lamps in the lighting industry, and traditional lamps. Based on an agreement with Osram, Ledvance will continue to use the Osram brand name for many of its products (Sylvania in the USA and Canada). -