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Lextar Launches New UV LED Series for Sterilization and Curing

UV LED technology is regarded as a more efficient method of treating microorganisms in drinking water. This technology has been valued and included into drinking water treatment standard by NSF International last November for microbial reduction and provides a new test method to certify manufacturer claims.

There are only a few manufacturers who can provide UV chip, package and module at the same time, however, Lextar, the leading LED manufacturer with cutting-edge technology can provide one stop service to meet different demands. The latest package-PU35CM2 with special optical lens design allows narrow viewing angle for better radiation power output which can increase the efficiency of microbial reduction. In addition, small power below 15 mW is ideal for water sterilization in carry-on water bottle. PU88S31 which was launched last year is perfect to sterilize solid daily product such as tableware, toothbrush case, pacifier, contact lenses, etc.

Different wavelength can not only be applied to sterilize but curing. For example, PU21 and PU88 series are widely applied in manicure and printing machine. It is worth noting that Lextar can be found in US TOP 5 nail lamp brands.

Lextar can provide customized product with professional optical and electrical design team and complete product range from chip, package to module.

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Lextar is a global leader in opto-semiconductor solutions with a strategic advantage of integrating upper stream epitaxial, middle stream chip, downstream package and module. Lextar is an innovator of product applications, which include: LCD backlights, automotive, 3D/2D sensing, UV, RGB display and lighting. We provide optoelectronic components, modules and design service to customers of Europe, Japan, American and China, etc.
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