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LG's Revolutionary Transparent OLED Touch Signage Display Creates AR Effect

The new release from LG updates the popular Transparent OLED display that generated so much excitement during its rollout. With Transparent OLED Touch Signage, LG has made futuristic technology available to businesses today. The LG solution, more commonly called the Transparent OLED Touch, superimposes vividly colored images and text in high definition on whatever stands behind the screen, just as its predecessor does. Its revolutionary new facet, however, is its touchscreen capability. The Transparent OLED Touch stuns in its transparency, touch capability, durability and design.


The first building block to the striking effect of the Transparent OLED Touch is its unprecedented transparency: 33%, compared to the 10% of existing transparent LCD solutions. Because of the unique qualities of OLED technology, there's no backlight or artificial light needed. The vivid colors are created by self-lighting pixels, ensuring a high-quality picture through which the object is clearly visible. From the moment it hit the market, the Transparent OLED has been popular in fashion retail, cafes and broadcast entertainment. The ability to superimpose lux images or clear information on whatever stands behind the screen has almost infinite uses.


What makes this solution extraordinary, however, is its ability to function as a touchscreen. A viewer can choose an option and the image on the screen can adapt. The rapid responsiveness is due to the P-Cap touch sensor film that's layered into the display. The P-Cap touch sensor film allows for a much faster response than the IR type favored by other touchscreens. The structure also allows the display paper-thin transparency.

Multiple uses:

There are many ways to use this technology. One particularly well-received installation is the car configurator, in which the Transparent OLED Touch is placed before a video wall that shows a new car. The potential viewer uses a touchscreen menu to make changes to the car, customizing it before their eyes. Museums and exhibitions are also excited for the way the Transparent OLED Touch can serve as an enhancement, offering guests additional context as part of the viewing experience. On the opposite end of the spectrum, control rooms and executive offices make excellent use of the multilayered images and in-screen controls. R&D centers use those same abilities to forward their experiments.

Durability and design:

The Transparent OLED Touch is set apart from other products by its beauty and durability. The frame lets light pass through the space, as it looks like a pane of glass on a stand. Its slim design makes it feel weightless. Its tempered glass, meanwhile, makes the Transparent OLED Touch much stronger than its LCD counterparts.  

The Transparent OLED Touch Signage from LG is a futuristic tool with applications in every sector. The only limit to its use is the imagination.

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