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Lucifer Lighting Introduces STELLR™

Lucifer Lighting, known for designing and engineering high-quality, unobtrusive architectural lighting fixtures, introduces a new and innovative fixture that bridges architectural and decorative lighting, STELLR™. STELLR is a bold and significant entry in the decorative/ architectural market, offering advanced, patent-pending engineered technology and sophisticated design that gives architects, interior designers, and lighting designers infinite lighting options with a single fixture.

Key Features:
•    An elegant, organic shape that complements a wide range of design
     styles and settings and is available as a surface mount or pendant
•    A directional downlight concealed within the body of the fixture.
•    A unique polymer with circulating LED sources creates a glowing near
     opaque wave guide when turned on, and transparent surface when
     turned off.
•    Independently adjustable on-off allows use of just the downlight,
     just the wave-guide, or both for a broad range of easily changeable
     lighting profiles.
•    Independently adjustable warm-dim offers instant adjustments offers a
     range of color temperatures and an improved environment for work,
     residences, hospitality, or fine-dining.

"Because all the controls can be used in any combination, and the fixture itself is such a sophisticated silhouette, STELLR is truly a game changer for the interior architectural lighting market," notes Alexandra Mathews, Executive Vice President at Lucifer Lighting. "We worked closely with leading design firms and industry consultants, as well as our own in-house engineers to create a beautiful fixture that not only addresses an unmet market need, but also offers a range of effects and an ease in fine-tuning that lighting designers never thought possible in a single fixture."

Downlight: directional light draws attention to specific objects or locations

Wave guide: an advanced polymer glows and creates a soft halo of light when illuminated and is clear when turned off. STELLR is the first lighting fixture to incorporate wave guide technology and also the first to use this hi-tech polymer in a lighting fixture.

Downlight and wave guide: when used together, the fixture creates a luminous ambience with subtle layers of light and shadow.

Warm dim: independent adjustment allows easy changes of mood and atmosphere, along with precise control to reflect changes in natural light and space usage and to support circadian rhythms and improve the quality of the interior environment.

"For 40 years, Lucifer Lighting has been known for creating highly designed diminutive fixtures that use advanced engineering to create a big lighting impact," says Gilbert Mathews, President and CEO of Lucifer Lighting. "When we decided to embark on the design of our first fixture that was meant to be seen as opposed to concealed, we knew we wanted to create something truly innovative, that had never been done before and offering features of real benefit to the design community. STELLR has exceeded all our hopes and expectations."

To find out more, please visit or contact Roselyn Mathews at

About Lucifer Lighting Company:

Lucifer Lighting Company creates innovative, precision-engineered lighting solutions that designers and architects depend upon to illuminate their most beautiful spaces. For 40 years, this family- owned, San Antonio, TX-based company has led the industry by designing and manufacturing lighting fixtures with the slimmest profiles, most compact housings, and maximum light from the highest-quality sources. You'll find our products everywhere, from the Instagram office in New York to the Natural History Museum in London, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Wynn Hotels in Macau and Cotai, the Microsoft headquarters in Sweden, the San Francisco Museum of Art, and Polo Ralph Lauren stores worldwide. Our goal has always been the same: to light the world's most beautiful spaces. -


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