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LumenFocus Presents New Efficient LED Wrap Luminaire for many Applications

The EWLN is a highly efficient LED wrap luminaire with many options and configurations. It is suitable for a variety of applications. This luminaire provides comfortable, uniform illumination with a modern aesthetic that fits right at home in classrooms and offices

The EWLN is available in three lengths – 2-foot, 4-foot and 8-foot. There are multiple lumen output packages so we can ensure you get the exact light level needed. Lumen output ranges from 1,400 lumens in the 2-foot length up to 17,000 in the 8-foot option. Efficacies up to 143 lumens per watt are achievable.

The lens of the EWLN is constructed of clear prismatic acrylic, designed to evenly distribute glare-free light without sacrificing LED efficiency. The housing is die-formed heavy-gauge cold rolled steel that is pre-painted with a highly durable and highly reflective white finish.

The EWLN can be surface-, stem-, or cable-mounted as individual units or in continuous rows.

Multiple control options are available with the EWLN. The Microwave Occupancy Sensor sits discretely behind the lens and features automatic switching based on motion and ambient light level. The EWLN can also be equipped with the Wattstopper FSP programmable photo/motion sensor. This option provides multi-level control based on motion and/or daylight contribution. Parameters are adjustable from the floor via a wireless configuration tool. A Bluetooth-enabled FSP sensor is also available – this sensor can be controlled via mobile device with an Android or iOS app.

Standard on/off occupancy sensors are also available, and come pre-installed and pre-wired on the end cap. More advanced network and IoT controls from Enlighted are also available. Contact LumenFocus for more details.

The EWLN is available with many more options. See our spec sheets online for more information.

With a predicted L70 lifetime up to 189,000 calculated hours, the EWLN should provide years of efficient, quality LED illumination. With LumenFocus' concept of Re-boardABILITY, we can extend the lifetime of your fixtures even longer. Every EWLN is upgradeable, with field-replaceable boards and drivers. This provides you an avenue to secure the most efficient LED boards for your fixtures as LED technology continues to improve. Re-boarding an EWLN is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. Re-boardABILITY ensures customers won't get stuck with an obsolete fixture.

Every EWLN is assembled in the USA – in Henderson, NC. Buy American Act compliant fixtures are available.

Many EWLN configurations have recently been added to the DesignLights Consortium Qualified Products List. Check out, or the DLC website, to see which configurations are on the QPL. The EWLN is UL 1598 listed for US and Canada, suitable for damp locations.

About LumenFocus:

LumenFocus is a manufacturer of highly efficient LED luminaires and retrofit kits based out of Henderson, NC. We focus on manufacturing the most energy efficient, high quality, economical luminaires possible. LumenFocus offers a wide array of luminaire types, each with a variety of lumen output packages and options, enabling us to offer very comprehensive energy avoidance lighting packages for all types of projects. Our engineered-to-order retrofit and new luminaire capabilities allow us to offer solutions tailored to your exact lighting needs.
LumenFocus is led by an upper management team with individuals that average about 30 years in the lighting industry. With assembly based out of our 100,000 square foot factory in North Carolina, LumenFocus offers a wide variety of Buy American Act compliant fixtures.
We offer a variety of services in addition to manufacturing, like photometric analysis, energy and cost avoidance proposals, lighting audits, and tax incentive consultation to help provide the best LED lighting solutions. -