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Lumileds Combines Record-breaking Efficiency with Impeccable Light Quality in Proven 3030 LED Package

Lumileds today revealed its complete line of LUXEON 3030 HE LEDs that enable best-in-class fixtures for a wide variety of applications including architectural, office, high-impact retail, and indoor area illumination. "The LUXEON 3030 HE is built to achieve outstanding efficiency and productivity, superior quality of light with 2 and 3 SDCM options, while simplifying design and production of new fixtures," said Mei Yi, Product Marketing Manager of Mid Power Products at Lumileds. "The LUXEON 3030 HE LEDs were engineered for exacting control of forward voltage within 0.1 volt and enable easy driver design and uniform power output."

•    195 lm/W 4000 K 80 CRI
•    151 lm/W 2700 K 90 CRI
LUXEON 3030 HE Plus
•    210 lm/W 4000 K 80 CRI
•    162 lm/W 2700 K 90 CRI
•    0.1 V single Vf bin for simple driver design
•    Quadrant bin structure enables 2 and 3 SDCM
•    Standard 3030 footprint

The new LUXEON 3030 HE portfolio builds on the success of the LUXEON 3030 HE Plus introduced last year. The expanded line now includes LEDs with a minimum CRI of 80 and 90 across a color temperature range of 2700 K to 6500 K. Performance is outstanding at 195 lm/W at 4000 K and 80 CRI or 151 lm/W at 2700K and 90 CRI when driven at 65 mA.

The 3.0 x 3.0 mm surface mount package facilitates rapid design-in for spotlights, panel lights, troffers and linear luminaires. In mid power offerings, Lumileds sets itself apart with the tight color control and luminous efficacy luminaire makers demand for today's indoor and outdoor light fixture.

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