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Luminus Breaks the $0.10 per mW Barrier for UV-C LEDs

Luminus Devices announces the immediate availability of its newest UV-C LED, the XBT-3535, with performance ranging from 50 mW to 80 mW in the 275-285 nm range. With the global need for disinfection and sterilization devices increasing, the price-performance combination of the XBT-3535 will allow companies to quickly bring novel and affordable solutions to market.

Scientists The germicidal effectiveness of UV-C LEDs against E-coli, MRSA and a variety of pathogens has been well documented. UV-C LEDs with wavelengths less than 280 nm are shown to be as or more effective than mercury lamps for disinfection and sterilization. However, performance, cost, and lifetime have been, in some combination, the factors slowing adoption of UV-C LEDs.

"Luminus' mission is to improve people's health and wellness by making LED based disinfection technology universally affordable in healthcare, water- and air-purification applications," said Murali Kumar, Director of Specialty Marketing. "Our latest devices, like the new XBT-3535 from Luminus, now have median lifetimes well in excess of 10,000 hours at nominal operating conditions, their increased power output minimizes the number of LEDs required in a system, and pricing in volume has been reduced to a level below $0.10/mW. The convergence of these three factors makes the large-scale deployment of UV-C LEDs practical and accelerates the phase-out of lamps containing harmful substances such as mercury."

The new XBT-3535 complements Luminus' current portfolio including the XBT-1313, a 5 mW LED optimized for low power, cost-sensitive applications and the XST-3535, a 60 mW UV-C LED designed for applications requiring focused light.

More information on the Luminus XBT-3535, that is available immediately from authorized distributors, can be found at

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