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Minimalism and Magic - New Members of the Nimbus Q Four Family: Q Four TT, Q Four IN and Q Four Track

The new members of the Nimbus Q Four family of luminaires – Q Four TT, Q Four IN and Q Four Track – display an excellent, almost "magical" lighting effect. Nimbus's core idea with the Q ONE and Q Four ceiling luminaires was to create a lighting kit for high-quality, focused light. The first Q One and Q Four models were launched two years ago. Now three further versions have been added to the Q Four family of luminaires: the tilting and turning Q Four TT spotlight, the Q Four IN for flush mounting on the ceiling and the Q Four Track, which is mounted on a conductor rail. One reason for their excellent light quality is the Bartenbach LFO lens, which focuses light on the surface to be illuminated in a targeted manner. As Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, CEO of the Nimbus Group, stated: "A light from an invisible source that immediately lends the illuminated object a certain magic.

"With its three new members, the Nimbus Q Four family of luminaires provides a lighting kit for every conceivable room situation. The new versions – Q Four Track for conductor rails and Q Four IN for flush mounting on the ceiling – will be available on the market from September 2020. The other newcomer is the tilting and turning Q Four TT spotlight. Private residences, offices, doctors' practices, lawyers' offices and, above all, galleries and shops are the preferred settings for these minimalistic wall luminaires available in discreet white or black.

With its pared-back design, the Q Four family is bursting with the full Nimbus potential in terms of quality of detail, functionality and durability. Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, CEO of the Nimbus Group and a leading figure in the development of the Q Four family, is especially pleased with the excellent light quality. In the room as well as on illuminated surfaces or objects, it brings about something "magical". "As the glare from the light source is completely suppressed, it is no longer perceived – neither by the human eye nor by window surfaces that normally reflect in the dark." That is how Brennenstuhl characterized this special effect, which mainly comes to the fore with large window surfaces in modern architecture. During the development phase, he was particularly interested in preventing the normally unwanted mirroring effects so that one could "enjoy the hopefully beautiful view into the night, into the garden, over the city or wherever the eye may roam."

Design, function and emotion have all been harmoniously combined in the Q Four family. "It is this interplay that really makes Nimbus stand out. We develop and improve on detail until we really achieve one hundred percent harmony between form and function," adds the agile Nimbus CEO. Inspired by the powerful Bartenbach LFO lenses, Nimbus succeeded in integrating this technology into the compact housing of the Q Four family and achieving light emission with maximum glare suppression. At 128x128 millimetres, the edge lengths and radii correspond exactly to Modul Q 36, the Nimbus classic. This model has now been on the market for over 10 years and meets requirements for even, diffuse room lighting with its many different versions. The new Q Four luminaires also add to Nimbus's portfolio of directed light.

The Three New Members of the Q Four Series:

Q Four TT

The new Q FOUR TT spotlight is the most maneuverable of all the versions: thanks to the elegantly designed turn and tilt arm, the directed light can be positioned and is therefore ideally suited for accented wall washing with a defined lighting effect. Q Four TT is available in a semi-recessed or surface-mounted version. Nimbus detected an increased demand on the market for accentuated lighting, which led it to develop a version of the Q Four spotlight that uses its brilliant light to divide rooms into zones, accentuate the contents and showcase pictures and objects in line with individual needs.

Q Four In

Q Four IN gives expression to the high art of lighting planning: the flush-mounted body of the luminaires disappears into the ceiling and also provides brilliant, directed light. It is all about the lighting atmosphere, the effect of light in the room. "Light from an invisible source" is the phrase coined by Nimbus to describe the special effect that makes the light source almost invisible while allowing the full lighting effect to unfold on the surface to be illuminated. As with all members of the Q Four family, high-quality Bartenbach LFO lenses are also used in the Q Four IN. Along with the exquisitely minimalistic formal idiom and precision in detail, they are a mark of quality that defines the new Nimbus luminaires. Anyone wishing accentuation or a strong graphical element on the ceiling despite the flush mounting can opt for a luminaire body in matt black as an alternative to matt white.

Q Four Track

Reposition the light on the rail whenever you like and create new lighting scenarios as required – no problem at all with the Q Four Track version, which – like all members of the Q Four family – emits brilliant, focused light. A uniform, harmonious picture is created in the interplay between luminaire and conductor rail. Q Four Track's greatest asset is its high degree of flexibility. Especially when rooms have to be changed around at short notice and adapted to new requirements. That is especially the case in galleries and shops, a new segment for Nimbus LED luminaires that the company is very interested in developing. This solution with directed lighting is a logical addition to the family of luminaires and allows users much more freedom.

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