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Smart Lighting + IoT | Tools | Software | Emergency Lighting | Jul 16, 2020

Myers Emergency Power Systems Introduces Smart IoT Connectivity Solution for Inverters

Myers Emergency Power Systems (Myers EPS), a leading designer and manufacturer of backup power solutions, today announced the introduction of its IoT Inverter Connect technology, a secure and innovative communication platform that conveniently monitors and logs data from the company's central emergency lighting inverters to save time and enhance building safety.

The IoT Inverter Connect software allows commercial customers to securely access real-time and historical data about their inverter systems from any web-enabled device at anytime from anywhere. The smart connectivity solution proactively monitors valuable data and identifies any critical maintenance issues that may affect a building's emergency lighting system.

"As a leading emergency lighting solutions provider, we're excited to bring this innovative and future-ready product to the market," said John Daly, chief executive officer, Myers EPS. "Customers can easily view the status, data and alarms of all their inverter systems in one user-friendly interface. And as technologies continue to advance, IoT Inverter Connect is easily adaptable to meet future needs and changing demands."

The IoT Inverter Connect cloud software operates with a customer's network or cellular connection and can also integrate with a customer's current building enterprise platform via BACnet. The smart technology utilizes the industry's best practices for cybersecurity, keeping the system safe and secure.

"Our IoT Inverter Connect technology communicates to the cloud over encrypted MQTT protocol using TLS 1.2 encryption and the inverters only communicate out, no communicating in, protecting from outside hacking. We've taken every step to create a secure system," said Conrad Pecile, vice president, Engineering, Myers EPS. "This is a game-changer for our customers, and one of the biggest advancements in Myers EPS history. We're thrilled to provide this advanced technology."

The software works in conjunction with the inverter's automatic testing feature, which aids in compliance and reduces maintenance costs by alerting users if a critical alarm or event is triggered during testing. By proactively monitoring an inverter's system status, building owners, facility managers and operators will be confident that the lighting inverter will operate correctly during an emergency.

"As a design consultant on this project and assisting on similar projects of this nature in the past for lighting manufacturers, I can say that Myers EPS' IoT Inverter Connect is an advanced solution that is easy to use and will certainly enhance building safety," said Gary Trott, founder, Interplay Lighting.

To learn more about the features and benefits of this innovative communication platform, sign up for one of Myers EPS' two webinars scheduled on Wednesday, July 22 at 11:00 a.m. and Thursday, July 23 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Please visit for more information.

About Myers Emergency Power Systems (EPS):

Myers EPS is a leading designer and manufacturer of backup power solutions for emergency lighting and uninterrupted power supply systems for the cable, traffic, and rail end markets. Myers EPS' products include centralized and mini inverters, which supply power to critical end markets during an outage. Headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the company is the leader in the centralized emergency lighting inverter segment and is well-positioned for high growth in mini inverters and other segments. -


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