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New LUXEON Rubix Color LEDs – High Power, Small Size and Unmatched Flexibility

Today, Lumileds released the very small and very powerful LUXEON Rubix – a new color LED building block – designed to deliver maximum flux at drive currents up to 3A and unmatched design flexibility. With LUXEON Rubix, engineers are freed from the design constraints of pre-configured modules and can create custom arrays with smaller optics supporting smaller size luminaires.

LUXEON Rubix at a glance:
•    Red, Green, Blue, Royal Blue
•    White 5700 K
•    1.4x1.4 mm SMD
•    1500 mA typical current
•    3000 mA maximum current
•    Tested and binned at 85°C
•    Uniform focal height

"LUXEON Rubix introduces a size and power ratio that has never before existed for color LEDs," said LP Liew, Product Marketing Manager at Lumileds. "Think of LUXEON Rubix as pixel-like – uniquely shaped arrays are possible, optics can be smaller, and exceptionally high light density allows solutions across a broad range of lighting segments to take new forms and increase their value."

Each LUXEON Rubix delivers outstanding flux performance. Typical output for Red is 85 lm, Green is 310 lm, Blue is 112 lm and Royal Blue is 1635 mW. Typical output for white is 440 lm at 93 lm/W.

Complete product specifications are available in the datasheet and at the LUXEON Rubix web page:

LUXEON Rubix is in-stock and available from your preferred Lumileds distributor.

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