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"Power of Sun": euroLighting's LED Program According to the Model of the Sun

Under the slogan "Power of Sun" euroLighting will in future offer its comprehensive range of full-spectrum LEDs and LED lights, including from SMART ECO LIGHTING, which have a light spectrum almost equal to sunlight. The new generation of light-emitting diodes emits a fully uniform spectrum over the entire visible range and as a further version up to 1000 nm wavelength in the infrared range, following the example of the sun, and imitates the biological effects of sunlight.

The full spectrum light promotes human well-being, optimizes sleep behavior, increases the ability to concentrate and improves vision significantly, especially in older people. It helps people to make up for the missing part of the energy that they no longer receive in everyday life due to the lack of outdoor living, as modern lifestyle has reduced the daily exposure to sunlight to about 20% - two thirds of the energy that every person needs per day, however, is normally generated by the sunlight spectrum.

The ready-to-use light sources that euroLighting equips with the new light-emitting diodes include LED screw-in lamps, T8 tubes, LED panels and many more. They have a spectrum in which the blue component that is harmful to the human eye has been brought into a natural ratio similar to that of sunlight. In addition, the wavelength range around 480 nm, which is particularly important for reading, has been amplified, as well as the red component, which is of great importance for the human body.

For additional information, please visit www.eurolighting.de  or contact euroLighting at info@eurolighting.de

About euroLighting:

euroLighting GmbH, based in Nagold, Germany, concentrates its development and marketing activities in driverless AC technology. LED modules in this new AC technology are suitable for installation in all types of luminaries and do not require conventional power supply. A novelty are light-emitting diodes with sunlight similar spectrum.
The product portfolio comprises different forms of modern LED illuminates, including street lamps, replacement for HQL lamps up to 150W (≙ HQL 400W), Retrofit modules as replacement for HQL and NAV lamps in lampheads, cylindrical construction forms as well as T8 LED tubes up to 1.5 m and LED-panel lamps as retrofit. All products are delivered in the newest AC technology. - www.eurolighting.de