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Sustainability and Circular Economy in Lighting Solutions

There are over 60 countries aiming for net zero carbon emissions by 2050. And still more whose individual states and local governments have pledged to reach net zero, even though their national governments haven't, such as California and New York here in the USA. The race for sustainability is on.

Why Does My Lighting System Need to be Sustainable?

Wherever your business is based, whatever industry you are in, whatever project you have in mind. The message is clear. Inroads must be made to ensure longevity and affordability by investing in an increasingly circular economy and by creating more sustainable practices. This is not only necessary to ensure that your business keeps one step ahead of legislation as it is brought in; which it undoubtedly will be sooner or later. It also ensures that costs can be kept down as demand for resources increase and prices rise accordingly. Again, this is not if, but when. In short, not considering and choosing the more sustainable options now will cost you more in both the short and long term. History shows time and time again that businesses with the foresight to adapt their practices before legislation comes into play perform better than those that are simply try to keep up.

Illuminating Innovations

For those of us in the Lighting Solutions industry sustainability means new innovations with regards to design and manufacture; such as longevity of luminaires. Since Edison's team (arguably the pioneers of the lighting industry) produced a bulb that could last 14.5 hours back in 1879, things have come a long way. The moves from incandescent to fluorescent and now to LED charts inventors and scientists quest for more sustainable lighting solutions; increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and limiting use of toxic chemicals. In keeping up to date with technological advances such as Smart building technology; the Green Solutions platform helping you to easily view and manage all aspects of your utilities tech is helping people have real control. Services to ensure a start to finish service and diversifying within the industry to include the latest security options is crucial for a service provider. Using the latest technologies, focusing on energy efficiency and delivering exceptional customer service has also become most important to stay at the top of the game.

With You from Beginning to End

One must see a project through from start to finish, at every stage and at every stage this will help you find more sustainable solutions; for your pocket and for the planet.  Services include energy assessments to see where there is lighting system leakage and energy waste, retrofitting, proactive maintenance and servicing; ensuring the longevity of your system and avoiding unnecessary replacements which waste both resources and money. For instance with FSG Lightcare warranty, we are looking after your lighting needs even after the project finishes.  This guarantees longevity and performance.

Sustainable Design

Design and engineering is key for any project and lighting should be a part of this process from the start. Relationship building with other partners involved in the project: architects, contractors etc. ensures expert design, without compromising on aesthetics and ease of use. One aspect to give great consideration to in the planning stages of a project with regards to sustainability of Lighting Solutions is daylight harvesting. By incorporating aspects of daylight harvesting at the planning stages this can help drastically reduce costs as well as reducing the long term carbon impact. Using smart technology such as sensors for luminaires and wireless technology it is easier than ever before to only use lighting when it is actually required. Relying on human intervention to switch lights off or use dimmers is a thing of the past. Systems switch on if a presence is detected and switch off if the natural light is sufficient. With the right combination of design and technology daylight harvesting can easily cut lighting costs by more than 25%. This is particularly relevant in spaces such as offices where often around 17% of energy spending is on lighting.

A Little Help?

Utilising more sustainable solutions for lighting is not only more cost effective with regards to energy spending but can also bring extra funding into your project. The right service provider can assist you and your business by seeking out and accessing any and every available utility incentive; funding which is there to help pay for increasing sustainability and reducing environmental impacts.  This can radically help reduce your project costs.

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