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Tridonic Introduces SIDEREA - Future-Proof Outdoor Lighting Solution for Towns and Cities

Modern infrastructure is an essential stepping stone towards a smart and digitally connected city of the future. Urbanization, climate change and digitalization require new mindsets and solutions in towns and cities. SIDEREA from Tridonic is a new lighting solution with a comprehensive portfolio for smart city outdoor lighting.

Innovative applications enable towns and cities to take the next steps with SIDEREA on their journey to the "digital city":
•    Asset management – monitoring and controlling luminaires in real time
     With SIDEREA, local authorities get real-time information about
     connected street lighting. This means that faults can be accurately
     located, promptly diagnosed and quickly eliminated, which saves costs.
     Up-to-date data on the remaining service life also enables the
     replacement of individual components to be planned in advance.
•    Light on demand – minimizing energy consumption and light emissions
     With the aid of integrated sensors, SIDEREA automatically adjusts the
     illuminance to the current traffic situation. This improves road safety while
     reducing energy consumption. Automated night-time dimming minimizes
     light pollution.
•    Dynamic lighting – attracting attention and creating emotions
     Local authorities can use SIDEREA to illuminate individual roads,
     pavements and squares. SIDEREA can also control luminaires equipped
     with Tunable White technology to support natural day-night biorhythms.
     At the emotional level, this can promote interaction and enliven public

Light that follows the rhythm of the city. With SIDEREA, Tridonic is offering towns and cities a new outdoor lighting solution and new services for a modern and intelligent lighting infrastructure. It offers people security, boosts their well-being and at the same time reduces the ecological footprint of the city. As a system, SIDEREA connects all elements of urban outdoor lighting – from the smart luminaire to the urban network. New standards such as Zhaga Book 18 and the D4i communication protocol allow for easy integration and future-proof systems with IoT connectivity.

Outdoor lighting is one of the most ubiquitous networks in cities. The change from the classic light bulb to the LED has already made street lighting more efficient in many places and reduced energy costs. Modern lighting infrastructure is also an excellent starting point for the journey towards a digital city. New smart components in the luminaires such as sensors, drivers, communication modules and wireless modules as well as gateways for connecting to central management systems and smart city platforms make SIDEREA a fully integrated solution that opens up a wide range of smart city applications.

Scalable from a single light point to a city-wide installation

Designed as a scalable system, the new outdoor lighting solution from Tridonic meets a wide range of requirements and scopes and, if necessary, can grow as demand grows, which means it is future-proof. With SIDEREA, anything from individual light points to major installations with several thousand light points can be covered. Unlike the DALI-based standalone solution, a central management system (CMS) handles the control, monitoring and analysis of the installation via gateways in real time – even remotely.

Tridonic is also working on a local, autonomous group management solution for small installations with up to 60 light points and luminaire groups. Group management is to be based on wireless RF communication with on-site commissioning and maintenance. There will be provision for an upgrade to the CMS version.

Open interfaces for future-proof operation

In SIDEREA, standards such as Zhaga Book 18 and D4i as well as cooperation with the Swiss technology company Paradox Engineering provide the basis for future-proof, flexible, open systems and simple integration. With "PE Smart Urban Network" from Paradox Engineering, a wireless network and a central management system monitor and control the street lighting. Based on standards and open data models, "PE Smart Urban Network" offers complete interoperability in the management of devices, data and applications.

Using Paradox Engineering' PE Smart Urban Network, local authorities can convert the data into valuable information – for example through data modelling and analysis – and use it for decision-making. Thanks to open standards, there is no restriction on future expansion or the integration of additional applications. Sensors and communication nodes can be easily added or updated via plug-and-play. Embedded blockchain technology optimizes security and forms the basis for new models of data monetization.

SIDEREA from Tridonic is a new and innovative solution portfolio based on open standards for digital, resource-friendly outdoor lighting. Coupled with Paradox Engineering's smart technology, it allows local authorities to optimise the operation and maintenance of the lighting system and reap the benefits of daylight-, situation- and motion-dependent control. Citizens benefit from increased security and improved lighting on roads, paths and squares.

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