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WAGO's New Lighting Connection Box Promises Unlimited Freedom in LED Light Design

Increasing miniaturization and popular flat LED lights require universal connection options. WAGO's new lighting connection box offers the best solution because it is housed outside the light. This gives lighting manufacturers more design freedom. Additionally, no dirt and dust can get into the light during installation because it no longer has to be opened for the connection.

•    Perfect connection technology for very flat lights
•    Suitable for all installation types
•    Large connection space for conductor cross-sections up to 5x2.5 mm2

The new lighting connection box has ample installation space and is suitable for a large range of conductor cross-sections up to 5x2.5 mm2. Regardless of how the project is installed, lights with the WAGO Lighting Connection Box fit into every concept – it doesn't matter if you choose a pluggable building installation, such as the WAGO Pluggable Connection System WINSTA® or a conventional installation type.

The integrated Linect® Interface also contributes to this, a connector with a conventional conductor connection is also available in addition to the pluggable version.

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