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Xicato's New Premium Smart Linear LED Lights Join Their End-to-End Solutions with Smart Drivers and Controls

Xicato, the leading provider of Bluetooth smart building wireless controls and highest quality light sources, today announced the introduction of XFL, the next generation of smart enabled linear lighting solutions that live up to quality standards the company's LED spot lights have set for the market over the past 12 years. The complete and focused portfolio is designed to support creativity and ease of product selection for lighting designers, specifiers, and customers without the typical pain of searching through endless legacy SKUs often associated with other product portfolios in the market.

•    XFL is a next generation portfolio of quality flexible linear sources with
     consistent flux and color accuracy with options that match the Xicato
     color point and the XTM/XOB Spot lights
•    The XFL portfolio includes Vivid White, High Density, Full Natural
     Spectrum, Tunable, Dim-to-Warm, RGBW, Neon and Specialty light
     options to suit designer's targets
•    24 V input for ease of selection and integration
•    Selection of approved 3rd party AC drivers with 0-10V and DALI inputs at
     a wide range of power outputs are available with the option of Xicato
     Bluetooth Mesh for smart wireless controls
•    The optional Xicato Bluetooth mesh works seamlessly within Xicato's
     Bluetooth controls system and is over-the-air (OTA) updateable to
     Bluetooth Mesh standard

The XFL line of linear lights includes premium Vivid White, High Density, Full-Natural Spectrum, Tunable, Dim-to-Warm, RGBW, Neon and Specialty lights. Unique to Xicato, the XFL line also offers options that closely match the Xicato color point in XTM/XOB series of spot lights to make a perfect lighting complement. The matched color point solves a key challenge for lighting designers and specifiers when the job requires a mix of spot and linear lights to create a seamless lighting experience. This new ability with Xicato spot and linear sources, enables the lighting designer the freedom to fulfill the architecture design targets, all with beautiful whites and vibrant color rendering for which Xicato lights are famous.

"When seeking for a trusted source for high quality LED lighting solutions, Xicato immediately comes to mind, especially in today's market where quality and reliability are often compromised."  said Stephan Blass, Buschfeld CEO. "Xicato has been at the forefront of LED lighting innovation for over a decade.  It is encouraging to see that they have brought this expertise to the flexible linear segment with a comprehensive line of high-quality next generation LED lights with options that match the Xicato color point."

The smart enabled linear lights are part of Xicato's end-to-end solutions with a host of approved 3rd party AC driver options that eliminate the need for additional controls wiring and support Xicato Bluetooth Mesh controls. This wireless option enables the smart XFL line to have complete support of Xicato Controls Panel software, sensors, switches and gateway, all backed by Xicato services. Designers can configure sophisticated scenes with thousands of nodes alongside any combination of linear and spot lights while achieving energy efficiency targets set by their end customer.

"Xicato's holistic approach with smart linear lights positions the XFL line above any other offering in the market, enabling the designers to create sophisticated lighting scenarios no matter what kind of light source the job calls for" said Amir Zoufonoun, Xicato's CEO. "The addition of XFL portfolio to our extensive family of smart controls, spot lights and smart drivers allows Xicato to provide a high quality one-stop-shop for customers and partners who are involved at the building project level and need to streamline their product selection and procurement processes."

All the new XFL linear sources are part of Xicato Onboard, a series of embeddable products by which any 3rd party luminaire or device can be upgraded to be wirelessly controlled and monitored via Bluetooth mesh and operate seamlessly with Xicato's award winning Controls Platform.

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About Xicato:

Xicato is defining the future of smart buildings, delivering the absolute best quality, highest performing and most reliable light sources; world-class LED drivers; as well as other wirelessly connected intelligent devices including sensors, switches, gateways, controls electronics, and software; plus, installation and commissioning services. Xicato products inspire architects, designers and building owners to dream up and create more beautiful and healthier environments with smarter and more connected experiences. With an installed base of over 10 million nodes, spanning thousands of locations in over 30 countries, and backed by a strong team of innovators based in Silicon Valley, Xicato continues to stay ahead of customer needs in a variety of verticals including the world's most renowned museums and cathedrals, retail shops and hotels, offices and hospitals. -