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Yujileds® Releases the Gen3 2835M Flexible Strip & Gen4 3030 LED

There is always a conflict between CRI and luminous efficacy. As widely understood, a promising color rendition which means a relatively full-spectrum is negative for luminous efficacy because the enhanced long-wavelength spectrum does not help with increasing the luminous flux which is at peak 555 nm sensitivity. The release of the 3rd generation of 2835M and 4th generation of 3030 LEDs aims to provide a balanced solution and improve the efficiency without sacrificing color rendition.

Compared to the Yujileds standard 2835 and 3030 LEDs, the 3rd generation of 2835M and 4th generation of 3030 provide typical 21% and 15% improvement on the luminous efficacy respectively but the spectrum, which means the color rendition is not changed.

2835M LED applied in the new flexible strip

Besides the improvement in LED package, a new flexible strip with upgraded design and mounted with 2835M will be released as well. Specific considerations for optimizing the efficacy, consistency and reliability are implemented on the design.

Thickened copper circuit:
Compared to the standard PCB circuit, the new flexible strip applies 3oz copper as the electrical circuit which improves the thermal dissipation and reduces the voltage drop when chaining more strips.

2835M LED:
Improving the efficacy of the strip with Yujileds® latest 2835M LED.

Optimized resistor match.
The matching of resistors is based on the calculation of the voltage of LED. On the new flexible strip, every LED will be calibrated on the brightness when working with the high accuracy resistors to achieve highly consistent illumination not only within the same strip, but also between different strips.

Optimized circuit connection:
The design of the series-parallel connection is based on the precise control and calculation from the 2835M LEDs. 128 LEDs per meter (39 LEDs per foot), typical 16 W/m and 24 V DC, all designs are for maximizing the luminous efficacy. 

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About Beijing Yuji International Co., Ltd:

YUJILEDS is known for its red LED phosphor materials with superior brightness and stability, having established key partnerships around the globe, including Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. In order to build upon our phosphor expertise and address the higher-end lighting markets requiring the highest color quality white LED devices, Yuji began offering its own line of packaged LEDs and solutions, with full spectrum LED, daylight LED, custom LED and expertise solutions of special lighting. We manufacture LED products for specialty applications demanding full or specialized spectrum coverage. -


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