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SSL | Components | LEDs | White LEDs | COB LEDs | Tunable White Light | Jun 08, 2020

ZIGEN Presents New 2700K-3000K-4000K TRI-CCT CoB LEDs

ZIGEN Lighting solution co., ltd. announced industry's first TRI-CCT CoB LEDs "ZG6BGXW4W0T" and "ZG6CGDW4Z0T", which can emit at major 3 correlated color temperatures (CCT): 2700 K, 3000 K and 4000 K, are now ready. Thanks to proprietary ZIGEN's patented LED structure, ZIGEN's new CoB LEDs "ZG6BGXW4W0T" and "ZG6CGDW4Z0T" offer some unique features.

Unique Features of ZIGEN's New CoB LEDs:
•    Selection of CCT is by electrode connection only, no system required
•    Performance remains the same or similar (within 10%) to standard
     CoB LEDs while maintaining outline and LES size
•    Step-3 level color consistency in every CCT, achieved by ZIGEN's finely
     controlled process in Japan

So far, luminaire manufacturers and resellers have to stock all CCT options for each type of luminaire to support their clients' needs. CCT adjustable luminaires can be made optional by using a tunable white LED solution combined with the system, but with lower performance and much higher cost.

With this new TRI-CCT CoB LEDs, luminaire manufacturers and resellers are no more necessary to stock CCT options by just adding simple switch on luminaires, allowing them to focus more on promotion.

"ZIGEN finally did it!", stated Mr. Pierre Gabison, Managing Director of C.G Lighting Ltd, "In fact, this TRI-CCT CoB LED has long been our wish and the secret wish of our clients, but no one has ever been able to offer us a serious solution in terms of performance and color consistency that could follow very closely chromaticity coordinates and performance of existing single CCT CoBs. We are very excited to be able to start marketing soon luminaires incorporating this breakthrough technology that is simple and cost effective to implement and that will allow our customers to reduce greatly their inventory or instead increase their offering and target different markets.

Tomokazu Nada, CEO of ZIGEN Lighting Solution Co., Ltd. said, "In this unpredictable global market situation, inventory is a headache for everyone. This is a proposal for problem solving, and I think it is a kind of eco-design to reduce unnecessary operations in production, shipping and installation."

Mass production are planned to start in Q3 2020, and Double-CCT CoB LEDs are also offered depending on the required spec for luminaire. Additional information is available on

About ZIGEN Lighting Solution Co., Ltd:

Established in 2017, ZIGEN Lighting Solution Co., Ltd. is focused on the development of LED devices. The company won Hiroshima Venture award and makes innovative lighting LED devices continuously. Involved in the production and distribution of lighting LED devices with unique product design, their products have established reputation by quality and never available feature from other LED suppliers. -


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