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ZIGEN Presents World's First On-BBL 2-Channel Tunable White CoB LED

ZIGEN Lighting solution announced an industry's first tunable white CoB LED product, the ZG7BGXL5W00, is now available, which changes CCT following the blackbody locus (BBL) by just using a 2-channel input. Thanks to proprietary ZIGEN's patented On-BBL LED structure, the color range of ZIGEN's ZG7BGXL5W00 ranges from 2000 K sunset color temperature to 5000 K without becoming pinkish.

So far, luminaire manufactures have to take care Duv (deviation from the BBL) in the color range between the low and high CCT when designing a tunable white application when using 2 channels of warm white LEDs and cool white LEDs, as mentioned in the Department of Energy's report. [1]

Thus, the color temperature ranges in most of tunable white LED applications are narrow and set from 2700 K or above, where the BBL is relatively straight.
Tomokazu Nada, CEO of ZIGEN Lighting Solution Co., Ltd., said, "A color temperature range down to 2000 K is necessary for human centric lighting application, considering market success in dim to warm LED and researches in circadian rhythm lighting." [2]

With the above aspects, ZIGEN is now ready to support On-BBL tunable white COB LED ZG7BGXL5W00 samples and offer customization to users.

For additional information on this unique, new product, please visit https://zigenls.com/web/product/zg7/

[1]    www.energy.gov/eere/ssl/understanding-led-colortunable-products 
[2]    www.nature.com/articles/s41598-019-43864-6 

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