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Light is the Spirit of Architecture

Extraordinary building concepts are the result of a holistic approach. As an integral part of the architecture, lighting solutions support and enhance the overall visual impression. The ultra-flat lighting systems from Osram help create working environments with a unique character and an inspiring ambience.
Perfect symbiosis of light and architecture

Modern architecture reflects the philosophy of a company and translates its values into a unique design. The interplay between different geometries and selected materials as well as the creation of special areas for communication and interaction help design inspiring working environments that are a source of identification for employees. In this context, light plays a crucial role: It enhances the appeal of rooms and fills the entire building with life. Thanks to innovative, ultra-flat and flexible lighting solutions from Osram, the lighting blends discreetly into the architectural concept of a room and opens up completely new opportunities for creative design.

The new standard in luminaire design

Thanks to the UltraFlat System, creative luminaire manufacturers and lighting planners profit from an unprecedented level of design freedom. The flattest lighting system on the market with a casing height of only 11 mm allows for the design of extremely slim luminaires that perfectly fit their architectural environment. No matter which type of luminaire you have in mind: The UltraFlat System helps you to design pendant, wall, surface-mounted and floor-standing luminaires that can be adapted to any interior without making compromises. The portfolio, which consists of ultra-flat DALI LED drivers, perfectly matched light and presence sensors as well as the particularly slim PrevaLED® Linear LED modules in various light colors and lengths, combines high performance, excellent efficiency and unique design.

Inspiration and harmony through integrated light

Homogeneous light ceilings and lines of light are elegant means to highlight the overall visual concept of a room without using visible light sources. The light seems to come from the ceilings and walls in a seamless, unobtrusive and harmonious way. While LED strips are hidden in light coves or cut-outs of furniture systems, BackLED® LED modules bathe specific areas in pleasant light. As harmonious general lighting, for the accentuation of architectural shapes or as decorative design element: The LINEARlight FLEX® system offers you maximum flexibility – with a wide selection of different LED modules, the corresponding LED drivers and a comprehensive range of accessories, the so-called Flexessories®.

Innovative lighting solutions from Osram provide the basis for an unprecedented freedom of design that paves the way for completely new lighting concepts.

Learn more about architectural lighting on www.osram.com/architectural-lighting-systems

“The geometries of the luminaire mainly depend on LED drivers and sensors.”
Nicolai Heber | Product manager

Interview with Osram's product manager Nicolai Heber

Osram: Lighting plays an important role in architecture. Which challenges do we face today in the design of modern lighting solutions?
Nicolai Heber: Interior design concepts have indeed always been influenced by the lighting. However, due to the dimensions of electronic components, compromises had to be made in terms of luminaire shapes and sizes. LED technology has revolutionized everything and gives much more leeway for sophisticated luminaire designs.

Osram: Luminaires become more minimalistic and more advanced at the same time. How did you manage to meet the different requirements?
Nicolai Heber: We simply put everything to the test. With the UltraFlat System, not only the height of the LED driver has been reduced by almost 50 %, from 21 to just 11 mm, but the UltraFlat light and presence sensor has also been perfectly adjusted to meet the new standards. In addition, the new, only 20 mm slim PrevaLED® Linear LED modules complement this ultra-fl at and slender system. Thanks to their outstanding efficiency of up to 195 lm/W, the broad range of different light colors and the long lifetime, these modules are an excellent choice for luminaire designers.

Read the entire interview on www.osram.com/architectural-lighting-systems

About Osram:

Osram is one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers and has a history dating back more than 100 years. The company is a focused lighting technology provider in the areas of automotive and specialty lighting, opto semiconductors, luminaires, lighting systems, and solutions. The product portfolio ranges from high-tech applications using semiconductor-based technologies, such as infrared and lasers, to networked, intelligent lighting solutions for buildings and urban areas.


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