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Future-Proof Your Luminaire Connections with HEKLA

HEKLA is a versatile solderless connector and another great innovation from the LEDiL design team. HEKLA is compatible with a wide range of existing optics by LEDiL as well as a large number of COB LEDs and its robust, low profile design ensures constant pressure between the COBs and heatsink.

HEKLA is extremely versatile allowing you to choose between a socket and a solderless connector with the same interface so you can decide whether or not to solder the LEDs. HEKLA sockets/connectors are robust and designed to withstand extreme heat (max 110°C) while maintaining contact between the LED and the heat sink.

At Ø44 mm HEKLA is low profile and comes in enough versions to support an incredibly wide range of different size COB LEDs. All you have to do is choose the right HEKLA model for the LED you have chosen.

HEKLA has industrial standard poke-in wire terminals for 0.35 - 0.50 mm2 wires and a bayonet interface that support a host of LEDiL product families. The standardized Zhaga 35 mm mounting holes and our continuous support for HEKLA ensures your luminaires are future-proof.

Currently the compatibility list includes LEDiL’s BROOKE-G2, MIRELLA-G2, RONDA, CARMEN, ZORYA and WINNIE. To expand compatibility even further we have created, together with Bender+Wirth, HEKLA-SOCKET-K and a B&W Typ L8 connector combination to support bigger size COBs as well as tunable white and dim to warm applications. Read more about HEKLA here: www.ledil.com/Hekla

About LEDiL Oy:

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