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Featured | Systems + Applications | Tracks | Indoor Applications | Oct 07, 2019

Multisystem – Same Core, Multiple Shapes and Functionalities for Track Lighting

A.A.G. Stucchi low voltage system for track lighting is developed to satisfy all technical and design needs. The all system is based on a "smart core" that provides easy and magnetic installation of the lighting fixtures, and integrated databus for light control, thus being technically at the cutting edge. The various available versions of the track provide solutions for ceiling, suspended and trimless applications while the all range of connections, end-feeds and adapters allow maximum flexibility for projects where light runs along walls, ceilings, or a combination of both.

The smart core provides freedom and flexibility in design to customers as it can be the base for developing customized profile tracks, maintaining compatibility with the system and its components at the same time. The integrated data bus allows to apply A.A.G. Stucchi system to manage and control track lighting applications the easy way, fast and avoiding any wiring.

Managing Functionalities - the system allows complete management of a network for lighting devices, which includes:
•    Programming of up to 64 lights in single mode, more than 64 when using
     broadcast mode
•    Changing scenes in groups
•    Diagnostics via electrical BUS
•    Testing and control interface
•    Automatic update of the software
•    Compatibility with already existing DATABUS networks

Controlling Features - select the desired configuration (as per programming section)
•    Control the lighting system in broadcast / single point (up to 64 lights) /
     groups of lights mode / timed with 4 different timers
•    Do a lamp research
•    Set ambient scenes
•    Update software automatically

All this can be done without any wiring, control unit, routers or signal repeater but only through the use of two simple Apps that communicate through Bluethooth Low Energy (BLE) with the specific adapter for light control inserted in the track that carries the signal to all the lighting fixtures on it.

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About A.A.G. Stucchi:

A.A.G. Stucchi is an Italian company leader in the lighting components industry with "Made in Italy" production with commercial subsidiaries in USA, Hong Kong and Shanghai and agents/distributors in more than 80 countries all over the world.

Production includes 6 product families:  
•    Track Lighting Systems: tracks and components for 220 V Onetrack and
     low voltage Multisystem
•    Linear Light Modules for Tracks: linear light be applied into A.A.G.
     Stucchi tracks
•    Aluminum for Lighting: Crystal heat sink and Lumial extrusions for the
     lighting field
•    Connections for the lighting and building field
•    LED lighting components
•    Traditional lighting components