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New BJB LED Connector for Linear LED Modules: Book 21 Compliant

Lampholders were standard in older, traditional lighting systems. Modern LED fixtures that utilize non-replaceable LEDs create several assembly and field-replacement disadvantages. Zhaga Book 21 addresses these shortcomings by standardizing linear 'socketable' LED modules. In accordance with Book 21, BJB has developed the new LED connector 47.303; a two-part fixing and electrical connection system, which enables LED modules to be installed and subsequently replaced as easily as conventional light sources. Incorporating the BJB 47.303 series results in reduced assembly costs and dramatically faster retrofit or replacement times.

Main advantages:
•    Ideal for simple fixing and electrical connection of linear LED boards according to Zhaga Book 21
•    Quick installation, release and replacement of LED boards without tools
•    Wiring below the luminaire housing means no shadowing or disruptive components in the light emission area
•    Suitable for seamless applications due to continuous pitch
•    Luminaires upgradeable through simple replacement when improved LED boards become available
•    Reduction in number of versions and capital tie-up due to "late stage finishing"
•    Wires can be released by twisting and pulling
•    Suitable for automatic wiring
•    Ideal for use in circular economy initiatives

The BJB socket and fixing clips can be installed without tools by snapping them into cut-outs in the luminaire housing. The BJB 47.303 system utilizes rear-side, releasable wiring ports. Wiring can be manual or via automatic wiring with the BJB ADS system.  The LED module is secured at the contact end by means of a lever mechanism, and along the module by easy-to-use fixing elements. These features enable light sources to be easily replaced with minimal effort. This combination of holder and LED board is suitable for use in linear luminaires in shop, office and industrial applications.

"For more than 100 years, our customers have been asking for simple, safe and technologically optimised fixing and electrical connection components for their luminaires" explain experts from the German component specialist BJB. "And now there are similar versions available for LED". Anyone who manufactures luminaires for industrial or commercial applications should take advantage of the expertise and extensive product range offered by BJB. The fixing and holder element 47.303, a further component in this range, greatly facilitates assembly work in production and ensures optimal technical operation.

In addition to efficient luminaire assembly, there is also greater flexibility in the utilization of the luminaire subsequent to the initial installation. Underperforming or outdated LED modules can be replaced quickly by new generations of modules. "Late stage finishing" is a principle benefit of the BJB system resulting in minimisation of material cycle requirements in line with circular economy principles. The new BJB LED board connector is an innovative and unique solution for luminaire manufacturers who are interested in promoting sustainability.

The BJB LED module connector features twist and pull wire removal as well as uninterrupted pitch when utilizing connectors back-to back resulting in seamless applications with a continuously uniform light output.

The 47.303 system is used with the new Zhaga Book 21 LED board generation as supplied by Philips with the Fortimo InstantFit series. As this is an open standard, other manufacturers are also focusing on this system and will be offering compatible LED modules. Socketed LED boards represent an innovative approach in the design of industrial and commercial LED luminaires. BJB is supporting this exciting initiative by supplying the appropriate fixing and electrical connection technology with the LED board connector 47.303.

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