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Proof Your Blue Light Hazard Risk: Stray Light Corrected CAS 140D

With the stray light corrected CAS 140D Instrument Systems – as a technical pioneer – is the first to offer an array spectrometer that can reliably assess the blue light hazard from light sources within the prescribed limiting values. Hitherto only double monochromators were recommended for this task, as an underestimation of the blue light hazard was possible in measurements with a spectroradiometer on array spectrometer basis due to stray light. The CAS 140D avoids this in two ways: The optics and mechanics used in the spectrograph block are optimized with regard to disturbing stray light. Additionally, a unique stray light correction matrix is integrated in the calibration procedure. Both innovations combined ensure an up to now unachieved precision in the determination of the blue light hazard with an array spectrometer.

In conformance with standards IEC 62471 and IEC 62778, extremely high quality requirements are placed on spectroradiometers when used for assessing the blue light hazard from light sources. In addition to the stray light behavior, sensitivity and wavelength accuracy are also relevant, since some of the assessment spectra used have extremely steep gradients. Through a new form of calibration the CAS 140D achieves a wavelength accuracy of measurements below the value of ±0.2 nm prescribed in IEC 62471. The improved mechanical and optical design significantly increases throughput. The stray light corrected CAS 140D thus satisfies the required standard limiting values for examining the blue light hazard and is an easy-to-operate alternative to scanning systems with reasonable pricing.

At Light + Building 2018, booth 4.1/K89, Instrument Systems will be presenting its latest stray light corrected array spectrometer CAS 140D for reliable testing of the blue light hazard emanating from white LEDs.

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