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Simultaneous Measurement of Several Wavelength Ranges

Instrument Systems offers smart high-end solutions for complex spectral measurements that are to be made simultaneously over an extremely broad wavelength range, or over several samples. A group of spectroradiometers of the CAS series can be controlled in parallel by a trigger box.

Due to the combination of different CAS models, a very broad wavelength range from UV to IR can be simultaneously analyzed in one single measurement. The MultiCAS module of the accompanying SpecWin Pro analysis software evaluates all measurement data in a user-friendly manner and in a unified measurement curve. Reflection measurements on solar cells (broad wavelength range) or colorimetry in the automotive sector (at a number of measurement setups simultaneously) are thus fast, precise and convenient.

All spectroradiometers from Instrument Systems are designed to be modular. Accessories can be connected through a fiber optic cable and swapped easily to permit much more flexible applications. Served by suitable equipment, measurements for diffuse or specular transmission, and reflection at optical components and surfaces also become feasible. Several applications can be conveniently implemented, e.g.

  • Photovoltaics: Reflectance of solar cells
  • Optical industry: Coating of optical filters and lenses
  • Research: Analysis of liquid crystals and polymers
  • Automobile industry: Analysis of metallic paints


About Instrument Systems GmbH
Instrument Systems GmbH develops, manufactures and markets turnkey solutions for light measurement. Its main products are array spectrometers, imaging photometers and colorimeters. Key applications are LED/SSL and display measurement, as well as spectroradiometry and photometry. Products of the Optronik line for the automotive industry and traffic technology are developed at the Berlin facility. Since 2012 Instrument Systems has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Konica Minolta Group. 

For further details refer to:
Instrument Systems Optische Messtechnik GmbH, Kastenbauerstr. 2, 81677 Munich, Germany.

Phone: +49-89-454943-0
E-Mail: sales@instrumentsystems.com
Website: www.instrumentsystems.com


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