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Smart High-Power LED Driver from Lifud

As a pioneer in the LED industry who dared to break away from conventions and apply non-isolated design to the LED driver for UFO high bay driver, Lifud has done a good job referring to the sales records and customer feedback of the LF-FHBxxxYx series.

Now, we are proud to announce that one more series of high-power LED driver was launched. This new series LF-FHBxxxYF/H/G is a rectangular driver suitable for not only indoor LED lighting but also outdoor LED lighting, such as LED shoe box lighting, LED high bay lighting, LED street lighting and so on.

High efficiency of 95%. The non-isolated design brings to us the higher efficiency, lower THD, smaller size and more competitive price. Meanwhile, the over-temperature- protection design, over-voltage-protection design, short-circuit-protection design and surge-protection design greatly improve the safety rating while using drivers of LF-FHBxxxYF/H/G series. Not to mention the certifications this driver can pass, TUV, CE, CB, RCM & SAA for the EU-standard type and UL & FCC for the UL-standard type.

3 options for different functional demands on projects. LF-FHBxxxYF is the 0-10 V / PWM / Resistance dimming type, LF-FHBxxxYH is the DALI / PUSH dimming type and LF-FHBxxxYG is the non-dimming type. Besides, there’s a potentiometer helping to adjust the output current of the driver.

Smart control. There’s an auxiliary cable on the driver of dimming type. It’s for the smart modules that can be powered by 12 Vdc, like sensors. This driver is flexible for distributors or agents to fulfill different functional demands of end users. For example, connecting a light sensor, the light will be dimmed to the appropriate level for saving energy. Connecting a zigbee signal converter, wireless control can be achieved.

Stand-by power consumption < 1 W. This series can be dimmed off via remote control or dimmers, the stand-by power consumption < 1 W after the lights are dimmed off.

Outdoor application. This series of driver is of IP65 rating. L-N: 4 KV, L/N-GND: 6 KV. Working with our surge protection device, the driver can withstand up to 15KV lightning.

Flicker free design helps improve user experience. Staying under the light with invisible flicker, people’s eyes are easy to feel tired or uncomfortable. Therefore, this driver is suitable for those who ask for high quality user experience and the percent flicker is as low as 0.5%.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us via sales@lifud.com. Or find out more at www.lifud.com

About Lifud:

2018 was a fruitful year to Lifud. We established two subsidiary companies in America and in Germany, which are Lifud America Inc. and Lifud Europe GmbH. Sticking to principles of integrity, responsibility and dedication, Lifud has earned faithful trust and continuing support from our clients and end users both at home and abroad. As our sales teams and service teams are becoming stronger and stronger, Lifud is capable of offering better and better service to our clients around the world. - www.lifud.com


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