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The 24th Guzhen Lighting Fair Kicks off to Offer Global Buyers a Feast with 6 Highlights This Autumn

Recollection is like a song, outlook a poem. Since the first exhibition in 1999, the China Guzhen International Lighting Fair (hereinafter Guzhen Lighting Fair) has evolved all the way from a biennial, to an annual, and now a biannual fair featuring exhibitions and merchant networking. After many years of development, it has become a hub of procurement for the lighting sector, and an ambassador for Guzhen as the world center of lighting. The 24th Lighting Fair is slated to be held on October 22-26, 2019. The eight venues will be lit in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, illuminating the town and shining a light on the industry.

At the 23rd Guzhen Lighting Fair, 8 venues saw 295,000 visits from buyers and exhibition goers from 91 countries and regions around the world. The main venue, Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, saw 54,134 professional visitors, marking a year-on-year increase of 27.8%. The number of domestic visitors reached 51,398, a year-on-year increase of 27.3%. It additionally also saw explosive growth in overseas professional buyers, totaling 2,736, a year-on-year increase of 36.4%. According to a survey, 96% of the visitors expressed satisfaction with the fair and said they would visit again, while98% of the exhibitors indicated that they would take part in the next fair.

The 24th Guzhen Lighting Fair, as a gold standard exhibition entering its 20th year, what are the highlights in the autumn exhibition of 2019? The data speaks for itself. This time, we use data as keywords to showcase the six highlights of this fair for exhibitors and global buyers.

Highlight 1: 100 billion yuan industry + 2,000 exhibitors

Based on a 100 billion yuan industrial cluster, over 2,000 exhibitors cover the mark chain of the entire lighting industry.

After over 30 years of development, Guzhen has evolved from a small town in South China to its current status as the center of Chinese lighting, a global hub for the world's source of lighting devices, and accounting for over 70% of the domestic lighting market. The Guzhen Lighting Fair is based in the "Home of Lighting in China" – a 100 billion yuan lighting production and trade cluster in Guzhen. Over 2,000 high-quality enterprises participate in the fair, creating a favorable place for original design, shaping the "Guzhen Lighting" brand with innovation-driven industrial development strategies, professional showcasing, and market-oriented, branding.

Highlight 2: 8 venues + 1.5 million square meters

1+7 "Exhibition and merchant networking", with an exhibition area of 1.5 million square meters

As the main venue, Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center brings together 800 well-known companies in the lighting sectors to display industrial trends: smart residential lighting, cross-sector lighting integration, intelligent production and more; different design styles, such as Nordic, French, Modern, and new Chinese designs; all kinds of practical lighting, including engineering, commercial or outdoor, cover the entire lighting industry, creating the diverse opportunities for exhibition and sale.

Cooperation with seven lighting malls: the Lihe Lighting Fair Center, Huayi Square, Star Alliance, Times Square, Baisheng Lighting Square, Huayu Square and Street Lamp City form our 1+7 "Exhibition and merchant networking" with an exhibition area of over 1.5 million square meters.

Highlight 3: 38,000 exhibitors + 130 countries

"An exhibition for pre-production" from the factory of origin, creating a "global hub for international buyers"

The Guzhen Lighting Fair's achievements are attributable to the strength of Guzhen's industrial cluster, having developed from a "post-production vendor" to a "pre-production exhibition". At present, Guzhen has 38,000 industrial and commercial enterprises of lighting devices and accessories, 7,739 lighting merchants, and dozens of large and small professional malls with a sales area of over 3 million square meters. Each Guzhen Lighting Fair has attracted professional buyers from over 100 countries and regions including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and Russia.

This year's fair will select excellent overseas professional buyers and create a "purchasing trip for global buyers" to build an effective international trade and exchange platform for international buyers and main venue and sub-venue exhibitors. The "purchasing trip for global buyers" project covers international buyer matching meetings, cocktail parties, and guided tours of sub-venues, etc., allowing buyers and exhibitors to cut networking costs and allowing for accurate and efficient matchmaking.

Highlight 4: Main Venue's 5 pavilions + over 800 exhibitors

Trendsetting smart lighting opens a new sector in the industry

The main venue – five pavilions in the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center and eleven exhibition sections greatly reduces the cost of networking with manufacturers. As smart cities, intelligent lighting, AI and the Internet of Things continue to expand, this fair aims to meet industrial demand, scaling up the "Smart Lighting" section at Pavilion A, guiding companies, aiding them in speeding up innovation in the Intelligence Era, this expo seeks to be the driving force for the lighting industry.

In addition to optimizing and upgrading interior decorative lighting, , residential lighting, commercial lighting, and the outdoor lighting exhibition area, this fair adds a special lighting exhibition area. This area provides targeted engineering lamps with a wide variety of functionality. The manufacturing area of the service lighting accessory zone covers machinery, raw materials, accessories, components and services, pushing forward automation and customization.

Highlight 5: 20 sessions + free 100 yuan ticket

20+ high-end conference forums and a free 100 yuan ticket for pre-registration

This year's fair will host upwards of 20 high-end events and forums, where lighting practitioners, industry experts and professional groups can communicate with each other, enabling industry personnel to better understand the lighting industry, capture market information, and keep a finger on the pulse of the market. Industry experts and professional groups will gather together, with experts engaging in online and offline discussion of cutting-edge lighting technology and illuminating mysteries of the market.

The Guzhen Lighting Fair uses a one-person-one-ticket access system. Visitors who do not pre-register must purchase a 100 yuan ticket before entering the venue. The pre-registration system is already live. Buyers can complete pre-registration through the official website, WeChat official account and other means for a free 100 yuan ticket. Pre-registered venue-goers will also gain access to the exclusive VIP channel.

Highlight 6: 365 days + over 20,000 pieces

Further improving the integration of exhibition networks for online and offline procurement

Guzhen Lighting Fair's B2B official website – "Denggle.com" hosts a 365-day-a-year online lighting fair, accurately matching domestic and foreign buyers' purchasing needs. The website gathers over 2,800 well-known lighting companies at home and abroad to provide 30,000+ quality products. Buyers can use the online exhibitor inquiry system to easily find matching exhibitors and increase business opportunities.

The Guzhen Lighting Fair, on its 20th anniversary, continues to create more business opportunities for the lighting sector. On October 22-26, 2019, let's meet at the 24th Guzhen Lighting Fair (autumn) in Guzhen Town, home of the lighting industry!

To learn more about Guzhen Lighting Fair, please visit https://en.jiagle.com/lighting-fair/

To pre-register for your free 100 yuan ticket, please visit the Visitor Pre-registration System of 24th GILF


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