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In LED Driver applications the market requires integrated solutions and higher output currents to drive high brightness LEDs. As a result of this market demand, ST has developed the STCS1, a small 1.5 A constant current regulator.

STCS1 Description:
This constant current regulator, operating with an input voltage range from 4.5 V to 40 V was specifically designed to supply high brightness LEDs. The output current can be adjusted up to 1.5 A by using an external current-sense resistor in series with the LEDs. A dimming input allows "pulsed" PWM operation. While an open drain pin provides information on possible load disconnection conditions.The device is well suited for applications requiring high-voltage input and it is able to withstand voltage spikes of up to 45 V. It operates over a wide temperature range and has thermal shutdown.

• Vehicle warning lights
• Automotive exterior: rear combination lights
• Automotive interior lighting
• Navigation and marine indicators
• Signage, gasoline canopies, beacons
• Gaming machines  
• Small appliance LEDs

STCS1 Main Advantages:
By comparing STCS1 with similar products on the market, or with almost equivalent discrete solutions, the main advantages are the high level of output current (1.5 A), the LED disconnect flag and the small package (MLP) options

Main Features:
• 4.5 V to 40V input voltage driving capability
• 1.5 A output current capability
• PWM dimming pin
• Shutdown pin
• LED disconnection diagnostic
• Thermal shutdown
• Available in DFN8 (3x3 mm) and PowerSO-8 packages
For additional information visit or contact STMicroelectronics or download Datasheet.
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