Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 26, 2010

2 Channel Step-up DC-DC Converter IC, TK61220AQ4 for White LED Driver from TOKO

The TK61220AQ4 is a 2ch step-up DC-DC converter IC for White LED driver. The IC has the step-up circuit that individual independent operation is possible and can drive several LEDs per 1ch for external MOSFET.

It prevents a complete non-light state so that ch2 side turns on when ch1 side stopped in LED open-states by ch2 constitution. In addition, it efficient, and heat of IC is suppressed so that LED is controlled to the voltage that is most suitable to turn on with ch1, ch2. As dimming function, PWM dimming and bias current dimming is possible. UVLO, overvoltage protection circuit, FET overcurrent protection circuit and LED overcurrent protection circuit have built in. Oscillator frequency can operate by external resistance and capacitance.

· Individual independent operation is possible
· External n-channel power MOSFET
· Bias current dimmin, PWM dimming
· Oscillator frequency operation up to 2.2MHz
· Maximum duty cycle option setting is possible
· Driving is possible for IC parallel synchronization
· UVLO, overvoltage, FET overcurrent, LED overcurrent protection
· Non-lead small package less than 5.0mm