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40-720 W High-Power LED Drivers with 97% Efficiency and up to 660 V Inputs

The "ICE" family of LED drivers from GWP-Powerland Technology Inc., a Division of FSP-Powerland, is an ultra-high-efficiency LED driver series targeted toward outdoor lighting like horticulture, fishing, sports, and other outdoor LED applications. The output programmability and wire controllability through optional Bluetooth or ZigBee makes the system solution very flexible.

Summary of Powerland's "ICE" family of LED drivers features:
•    Isolated dimming signals
•    Bluetooth and ZigBee versions optional
•    Compatible with 0 (0.05)-10 V, PWM, external resistor, clock dimming
•    Compatible with DMX (upon request), ultra-deep dimming down to 0.5%
•    Ultra-high input voltage up to 660Vac
    o    70,000 hours lifetime at 75°C Tcase
    o    7 years warranty at 75°C Tcase
•    Min. operating temperature @ -40°C
•    Safety designed according to UL8750 & EN61347-2-13
•    Surge voltage rating: L-N 5.5 kV, L/N-Earth 11 kV
•    EMC according to FCC Part 15 Class A
•    Lightning, OVP, SCP, OTP & Open Circuit Protection

Powerland's patented energy conversion technology boosts the efficiency to an unprecedented level at 97%. Plus, the driver has a long life time at 70,000 hours at the operating temperature of 75°C. These LED drivers are built with an ingress grade at IP67, and all-around protections such as short circuit, over voltage, over temperature, and 5.5kV/11kV lightning protections.

Specifically designed for North America's high AC input applications, the "ICE" family of drivers features various input options with 108~305 Vac, 240~382 Vac, 277~460 Vac, and 305~660 Vac.

The ICE-305 series has an output power up to 720 W. With a 108~305 Vac input voltage range, it is one of the most versatile drivers in its class, with both constant current and constant voltage mode programmed through either wire or optional Bluetooth/ZigBee wireless connections. It is the only driver series in the world that can serve either constant current or constant voltage by the same unit.

The ICE-347 series covers input voltages up to 382Vac. It has an inherent unprecedented efficiency – as high as 97%. With a 240x123x54mm dimension and 2.9kg weight, it is the smallest and lightest driver for 347Vac input applications.

The ICE-400 series is designed and manufactured for EU applications. With 600/720 W output and 277~460 Vac input capability, it also features the highest efficiency at 96% in its class at 400 Vac input applications.

The ICE-600 series is featured with 305~660 Vac input and power rating of 600 or 800 W. It is the only series in the world that is capable of operating in 600 VAC applications. This capability ensures unparalleled reliability and robust endurance in the most rigorous grid situations, comparing with other state-of-the-art 480 Vac LED drivers.

The detailed specifications can be seen at
For more information, please contact GWP-Powerland North America at 1-310-881-3890 Ext 1 or Sampling for all ICE series models are available upon request.

About Green Watt Power (GWP):

Green Watt Power (GWP) specializes in Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, DC/DC converters, power supplies and other power solutions in related applications.
Green Watt Power is a subsidiary of FSP-Powerland Technology Inc. a leading power supply company, providing full service and solutions for industrial, medical and consumer applications. Established in 2009, the company's R&D team with over 100 engineers never stops integrating technology to design and manufacture high-end power electronics products with high efficiency, high reliability, long life and high-power density.
The company develops advanced technologies and customizing leading-edge products for challenging electronics applications with power ranging from 10W up to 500kW and has shipped over 3 million power supply units worldwide.


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