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Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 11, 2011

d70W Buck-Driver Power Long LED-Strings and Multi-Chip Arrays

LED lighting is booming! Especially for long strings and multi-chip arrays the advance is enormous. The required input voltage for buck-drivers increases with the number of LEDs which have to be supplied with constant current. Currently available models had a limit in the range of 40V.

Not so with RECOM’s new RCD-48-family. So far too high 60V on the input resulted in constant currents of 350, 500, 700 and 1200mA. Therefore power ratings up to 70W, corresponding to 350W of conventional lighting power, have become possible. The new buck-driver is ideal for operation with long light-chains and multi-chip arrays – a real novelty!

The RCD-48-drivers are digital (PWM) and analogue and are dimmable down to zero. The PWM input can be connected with a microcontroller, which handles the communication. The efficiency is 96%, the operating temperature range -40°C and +85°C. The modules are optionally available with pins for PCB mounting or with flying leads. Whilst the powerful 1200mA version features a metal case, the smaller models are designed in plastic cases. All drivers are certified to EN/UL-60950-1. The MTBF is specified at MIL-HDBK217F with 1.7 mio. hours. The warranty is 5 years.  

Samples can now be delivered by leading distributors from stock. Full details are available on or can be requested via email at

About Recom:
RECOM Electronic designs and manufactures high quality AC input LED ballasts and DC input LED drivers in both buck & boost topology. The products are designed for a long operational life and come with a 3 or 5 year warranty. As a pioneer in DC/DC converters, switching regulators and AC/DC modules, RECOM serves a wide variety of applications in markets like lighting, automation, energy, medical electronics, aviation, transportation and virtually every industry requiring low-to-medium power DC voltage conversion in the 0.25 to 100 watt range.