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Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 07, 2016

AwoX SmartPEBBLE - A Small, Intelligent Stone with Gesture Commands to Control Lighting

AwoX, a pure-player in connected objects and technology dedicated to Smart Homes, has expanded its ecosystem dedicated to intelligent lighting with the SmartPEBBLE: a revolutionary, wireless light switch based on intuitive hand gesture technology designed to control connected light bulbs without the use of a smartphone. Shake it to change from white light to color. Flip it to put lighting into sleep mode. Turn it to lighten or dim brightness of light. Discover our award winning innovation for the Smart Home category.

Designed by AwoX’s teams of engineers in France, the SmartPEBBLE introduces a real innovation in the way to control lighting at home. It comes in two parts: a switch in the form of a pebble and a wall plate. The choice is yours: either leave the pebble on its wall plate, or carry it with you (battery operated) throughout your home. The SmartPEBBLE fits naturally into your hand, and its use is intuitive. It’s a new way of controlling light at home that is both easy and fun.

Among some of the possible commands with SmartPEBBLE:
•    Turn light bulbs off and on with a simple click
•    Turn the SmartPEBBLE to adjust brightness
•    Shake it to change from white lighting to brightly colored mood lighting
•    Adjust the intensity of white or the shade of color by simply moving the pebble from left to right
•    Flip it to activate sleep mode (progressively turn lighting off and on)
•    Double click to change to different groups of light bulbs

With its elegant and discreet design, the SmartPEBBLE can blend into any decor wherever you need a light switch, and without the fuss of electrical wiring thanks to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology.

Installation is done in seconds: leave it on your fridge with its fitted magnet, stick it to the wall with the sticker included with the wall plate, or simply screw it to the wall.

Product activation cannot be simpler: plug in all the products you wish to control from our range of connected objects shown below, and turn off other electronics. Then simply remove the plastic battery tab located at the back of the SmartPEBBLE; the light bulbs automatically connect to the switch.
This new generation light switch is completely independent. There is no need for a smartphone or a WiFi bridge.

The SmartPEBBLE controls the entire AwoX ecosystem (SmartLIGHT, AromaLIGHT, SmartLED & SmartPLUG) and makes it possible to create groups of products (2 groups of up to 8 light bulbs) for simultaneous control of different products and instantly changing mood lighting. The SmartPEBBLE allows for completely customizable mood lighting.

Using the latest technology in accelerometers and gyroscopes, AwoX’s expertise in hardware and software integration resulted in a product with a natural user experience, both fluid and precise. The SmartPEBBLE gesture control is completely customizable through the SmartCONTROL application.
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About AwoX:
AwoX is a pure-player in innovative technology and connected objects designed for Smart Homes. The group is a key player in connected lighting, with a large range of intelligent, LED light bulbs and connected accessories for the home, as well as connected multi-room audio solutions. These two key areas constitute the most dynamic segments of the Smart Home market.
The first publicly traded company specialized in connected objects listed in Europe in 2014, AwoX acquired Cabasse, a leader in electroacoustic technology, mainly due to its prestigious line of high-end speakers, its fitted acoustic solutions for the home and its High Fidelity connected speakers. AwoX and Cabasse joined forces to become the leader in prestigious, streaming audio systems dedicated to Smart Homes.
AwoX is also an industry reference in connected, wireless technology based on the worldwide standard for interconnected content in the home: DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). AwoX is a life member of the administrative council of the DLNA, and heads the certification committee.
AwoX sells its solutions in over 30 countries, and benefits from an established worldwide network, with an industrial and a commercial subsidiary in Singapore, and commercial offices located in the USA (Palo Alto), Europe (Montpellier) and in Taiwan (Taipei).