Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 20, 2012

Barthelme LED Solutions® Releases New Color Controller Chromoflex® Pro Mini for LED Stripes

Barthelme LED Solutions® newly released the advanced CHROMOFLEX® Pro series. The PRO version consists of 1 to 4-channels and is totally radio controlled by 868MHz. The most recent member in this series is the Chromoflex® Pro Mini.

Main Features:
• Very small dimensions, easy to integrate
• Totally radio controlled, easy to network
• Hidden assembly due to wireless technology

CHROMOFLEX® Pro was designed to attain sophisticated illuminations in the field of decoration and wellness with a minimum of effort. The unit is equipped with various colour effects by default as well as editable programmes. Several CHROMOFLEX® Pro can be linked in a network which makes it possible for all colour changes/ scenes to alternate automatically in sync.

CHROMOFLEX® Pro Mini - Stripe with 3 x 2A in 12V and 24V is perfectly suitable for smaller and delicate profiles and LED linear luminaires due to its very small dimensions and wireless technology.
The CHROMOFLEX® Pro series is also available for DMX, DALI and KNX.

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