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Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 01, 2009

California Micro Devices Introduces New LuxGuard™ ESD Protection Solution for High Brightness LEDs

California Micro Devices(CMD) today announced the latest product in the LuxGuard™ family of turnkey solutions for ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection and thermal management for high power, high brightness LED (HBLED) lighting applications.

The new CM1771 is the industry’s first ESD protection solution for HBLED applications to feature a 100 volt breakdown voltage, the company claimed. The ESD protection is a requirement for a growing segment of high power HBLED lighting applications that feature high output power, high efficacy levels reaching over 120 lumens per watt or those utilizing multiple HBLEDs driven in a serial arrangement. Delivering ESD protection at high operating voltages poses the new challenge of dissipating a higher level of power during an ESD strike, and also in maintaining acceptably low dynamic clamp voltages. A silicon-based, side mount protection solution with a back-to-back electrical configuration, the LuxGuard CM1771 provides robust, symmetrical ESD protection and features a very small, cost effective die that can easily be integrated into a broad range of HBLED lamp modules.

Samples of the new product are available in October 2009 with mass production scheduled for Q1 2010.

About California Micro Devices:
California Micro Devices Corporation is a leading supplier of application specific analog and mixed signal semiconductor products for the mobile handset, high brightness LED (HBLED), digital consumer electronics and personal computer markets. Key product lines include protection devices for mobile handsets, HBLEDs, digital consumer electronics products and personal computers and mixed signal ICs for mobile handset displays.