Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

Catalyst Semiconductor Launches 500mA Low Dropout (LDO) Regulator

Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc. a supplier of analog, mixed-signal and non-volatile memory semiconductors launched the first device in its new line of low dropout (LDO) regulators. The CAT6219 LDO regulator is one of only a few devices available that provides a 500mA peak output current in a tiny, five-lead, 1mm profile thin SOT-23 package.

An alternative to Micrel’s MIC5219 and MIC5319 LDO regulators, the CAT6219 offers a lower quiescent current combined with a low typical dropout voltage of 300mV at a 500mA load. Additionally, an external bypass capacitor reduces overall output noise making the device ideal for low noise applications. Many LDOs incorporating a bypass capacitor pay the penalty of slow “start up.” However, Catalyst’s device is designed with a “quick start” feature, which ensures a fast turn-on time of less than 150us and further optimizes the CAT6219 for low-power applications.

The CAT6219 is designed to eliminate battery drain when not in use by entering a “zero” current shutdown mode. Additionally, the device offers a low typical quiescent current of 55uA and protection against short-circuit and thermal overload fault conditions.

Product Features
 Guaranteed 500mA peak output current
Low dropout voltage of 300mV typical at 500mA
Alternative to Micrel MIC5219 and MIC5319
External 10nF bypass capacitor for low noise
“Quick-start” feature for fast turn-on time (<150us)
Current limit and thermal protection
Packaging: 5-lead thin SOT-23 (1mm height)

Price and Availability
The CAT6219 low dropout regulator is priced at $0.28 each in 10,000 piece quantities. Samples are available now. Projected lead-time for production quantities is currently 6 to 8 weeks ARO.

About Catalyst Semiconductor
Founded in 1985, Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The Company produces analog and mixed signal products in addition to an extensive range of non-volatile memories. The analog and mixed-signal product lines include Digitally Programmable Potentiometers (DPP™), white and color LED drivers, DC/DC converters, voltage supervisors, linear regulators and I/O expanders. The memory product lines consist of serial and parallel EEPROMs, Flash and NVRAM. Catalyst devices are used in telecommunications, networking systems, computation, automotive, industrial and consumer markets. Typical applications include LCD displays, automotive instrumentation, optical networks, modems, wireless LANs, network cards, DIMM modules, cellular telephones, digital satellite box receivers, set-top boxes and Internet routers. Catalyst`s Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2000 certified. All Catalyst products are available in “green” lead- and halogen-free versions with full RoHS compliance. For additional information about Catalyst Semiconductor,