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Components | Electronics | Controls | Nov 04, 2019

Cezos Introduced New Magnet Switch for Inside Cabinet LED Lighting

Cezos is delighted to present their new magnet switch, L475T, which is a specialized controller designed to drive a LED light inside cabinets etc. Due to a 3-axes MEMS magnetometer sensor it can extremely precise detect minimal changes in the magnetic field. Therefore, the distance to the magnet can be wider than with traditional sensors (e.g. mechanical). The calibration algorithm detects the best axis when the door is opened for the first time, so the mounting direction is not relevant. The soft adjustment of the light protects the eyes. If the door will not be closed, the light turns off automatically after 15 minutes.

•    Input voltage: 8-27V DC
•    Maximum output current: 3A
•    Dimensions: 35x8x2mm
•    The controller is designed for DC LED strips and DC LED modules.

Magnetometer technical data:
•    Independent IO supply (1.8 V)
•    ±4/±8/±12/±16 gauss selectable magnetic full scales
•    Continuous and single-conversion modes
•    16-bit data output
•    Interrupt generator
•    Self-test
•    I2C/SPI digital output interface
•    Power-down mode / low-power mode
•    ECOPACK®, RoHS and "Green" compliant
•    Small thin plastic land grid array package (LGA)2.0x2.0x1.0 mm

•    Drawer
•    Wardrobe
•    Cabinet
•    Sliding doors
•    Bathroom cabinets

The ultra-low-power high-performance three-axis magnetic sensor is a key component of the controller. The choice of this component was determined by its high measurement speed, 16-bit resolution, and small size.

The controller continuously registers the magnetic field values and in the event of its rapid rise or fall, switches the light source on or off. To achieve high measurement precision, it works on the lowest measuring range ± 4 gausses. Thanks to advanced analysis of the rate of increase and decrease of the magnetic field, the sensor can function properly at a distance of 300 mm from a small cylindrical neodymium magnet with a diameter of 30 mm and a thickness of just 2mm. With larger magnets, it is possible to work at a distance of one meter, but in most furniture installation applications, the mounting distance is 50-200 mm. For such applications, a small 20x20x1 mm small neodymium magnet will suffice. The magnet can also be inserted into the furniture board, and thus it will be completely invisible.

Large and strong neodymium magnets should not be used in the case of a short distance from the controller <50mm, because there is a risk of exceeding the measuring range and incorrect operation of the controller.

The calibration algorithm detects the best axis when the door is closed for the first time, so the installation direction of the controller is irrelevant. Data collected during the first calibration are automatically saved in the controller's memory. This recording remains in memory even after the power is turned off, and there is no need for re-calibration.

The controller has a soft start function. If the door is open for more than 15 minutes, the lighting will be turned off automatically.

Against the background of alternative solutions used in the furniture industry, the controller containing a magnetometer is distinguished by great freedom of location and the possibility of completely concealing.

The magnet necessary for this solution can be easily attached to the inside of the door using double-sided tape or completely hidden inside the furniture board.

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About Cezos:

Cezos is a company established in 1981 and is a producer and distributor of elements for producing lamps. From 2004 the Company is specializing in designing and producing the modern lighting systems based on LED technology. From the very beginning the Company is renowned as a reliable partner who can match the high standards in designing and producing the controllers, modules as well as lamps which use LED diodes. The Company is the owner of the land (5000 m2) and the buildings where the designing and production work is done. The Company is close to the Pomeranian Science & Technology Park with which it has a close and fruitful cooperation as far as the innovative technologies are concerned. –


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