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Clare Introduces a New High-Voltage LED Driver for a Wide Variety of HB LED Applications

Clare, Inc., an IXYS company, announces the immediate availability of the CPC9909 High-Voltage HB LED driver. The CPC9909 can drive from a few to hundreds of HB LEDs in-series and/or parallel combinations in a constant peak-current control topology.

Manufactured using Clare’s 550V BCDMOS Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) process, the CPC9909 operates directly off a rectified AC voltage supply, and does not require any additional low voltage supplies. LED brightness can be controlled via the pulse frequency modulation (PWM) input or the linear dimming input.

CPC9909’s PWM with a constant peak-current control scheme is inherently stable, allowing the driver to be operated above 50% duty cycle without loop instability or sub-harmonic oscillations. LED dimming can be implemented by applying a small DC voltage to the LD pin, or by applying a low frequency PWM signal to the PWMD pin.

"The CPC9909 joins the expanding family of HVIC’s that our technologists have developed in our own proprietary high voltage SOI process, for power management applications. By enabling direct off AC line LED control, we bring cost effective solutions for expanding LED general lighting applications and especially for backlighting of large area LCD displays and TVs. The ease of dimming control with DC or PWM inputs allows for digital control using our specialized line of Zilog MCUs with on board PWM outputs,” commented Dr. Nathan Zommer CEO of IXYS Corporation.

The CPC9909 is well suited for a variety of solid state HB LED lighting applications such as flat-panel display RGB backlighting, signage, decorative, LED lighting, and DC/DC or AC/DC LED driver applications. The CPC9909N is fully RoHS compliant, and is available in a standard 8-lead SOIC package. The CPC9909NE is available in a thermally-enhanced (50°C/W thermal resistance, junction-to-ambient) 8-lead SOIC package for higher ambient or power applications.

Features (see also Data Sheet):
• 8VDC to 550VDC Input Voltage Range
• >90% Efficiency
• Stable Operation at >50% Duty Cycle
• Drives Multiple LEDs in Series/Parallel
• Regulated LED Current
• Linear or PWM Brightness Control Inputs
• Resistor-Programmable Minimum Off-Time
• SOIC-8 RoHS Compliant Package
• Buck or Boost Configuration

• Flat-Panel Display RGB Backlighting
• Signage and Decorative LED Lighting
• DC/DC or AC/DC LED Driver Applications

Pricing and Availability:
The CPC9909 High-Voltage HB LED Driver is currently available in production quantities.
For OEM quantities of 10K units, pricing for the CPC9909N is $0.63 and pricing for the CPC9909NE is $0.72. Standard lead-time for both products is eight weeks ARO.

About Clare and IXYS, Inc.:
Clare, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of solid-state relays and high voltage integrated circuits, is a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation. IXYS Corporation develops and markets primarily high performance power semiconductor devices that are used in controlling and converting electrical power efficiently in power systems for the telecommunication and internet infrastructure, motor drives, medical systems and transportation. IXYS also serves its markets with a combination of digital and analog integrated circuits. Additional information about Clare, IXYS and Zilog may be found at and,
For additional information, please contact your local sales representative:

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