Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 14, 2016

Code Mercenaries Introduces LED-Warrior10 PWM LED Dimmer

LED-Warrior10 allows to control the LED brightness by a potentiometer, or one or two buttons. The high PWM frequency of 730 Hz guarantees a flicker free operation. For button control a power-on value and minimum value may be set.

Technical Specification:
• PWM dimmer for LED
• Dimming control by single or dual button or by potentiometer
• Power-on brightness programmable
• Minimum brightness programmable
• Logarithmic curve for optimal dimming
• PWM output at 730 Hz
• PWM dimming from 0.1 % to 100 %
• PWM power output up to 4 A
• Available as module or DIL8/SOIC8 chip

Available as chip or module
LED-Warrior10 is available as DIL8 or SOIC8 chip or as a ready-to-use module. The module (LW10-01MOD) can control LED drivers which have a PWM input or it can directly supply constant voltage LEDs with up to 4 A. LED strips, lamps, or modules working with a constant voltage in the range of 5.5 V to 40 V can be directly driven. A potentiometer may be soldered direct into the module.

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About Code Mercenaries:
Code Mercenaries is a supplier for the industrial input devices and peripheral manufacturers since 1998. In 2008 Code Mercenaries started to develop and manufacture products for LED lighting applications. Our design philosophy for LED lighting drivers is to deliver maximum efficiency and maximum life cycle to enable the potential of modern LED technology.