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Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 07, 2014

Dynamic Dimming and Tunable White for LED Lighting

Dynamic is the new wireless master receiver for LED lighting by Teleco Automation. It is perfectly suitable for adapting color temperature by mix warm and cool white light, brightness control, and managing program scenes.

By adjusting the color temperature, from warm to cool, you can alter the emotional effect of a space, and affect the appearance of objects on display in stores, galleries and museums.

Possibility to memorize up to 4 light scenes. With just a touch by a 7 or 42 channels transmitter you can control the scenarios.

•   2 outputs
•   wireless and wired controlled
•   ON/OFF and dimmer function
•   light memory function: at the turning on again it adjusts the luminosity to the last value.
•   power supply: 12/2 4Vdc

About Teleco Automation:
Teleco Automation is an important Italian company specialized in the radio home automation.
Established in 1996, it designs and produces systems for the management of indoor and outdoor electric  devices.
Doors, gates, awnings, rolling shutters, lights, ventilation, heating, security systems and temperature adjustment: with Teleco Automation your space become an integrated and coherent one.
Zero wires domotic for everyone.