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Featured | Components | Electronics | Driver Modules | Nov 30, 2017

E-Lemon - The First Driver with integrated IP67 Connectors in the Market

E-Lemon has developed and marketed an innovative LED driver with integrated IP67 waterproof connectors, which allows leak-proof installations in your garden or bathrooms.

Main Features:
•    E-Lemon driver is safer, quicker and easier system to make IP67 waterproof installations in your garden or bathrooms
•    This revolutionary LED driver, highly efficient and sustainable, guarantees the success of tests by TÜV and CE certificates
•    E-Lemon is a unique and fully customizable technology, according your needs

With the E-Lemon drivers, you can make waterproof installations quickly and completely secure than conventional drivers. Thanks to its independent LED driver, E-Lemon has multiple applications in outdoor/indoor installations with their highly quality electronic components made by EagleRiseR, main housing filled with resin for warranty IP67 waterproof, double rubber on cable glands, standard terminal blocks and a shock-resistant body made by nylon. Additionally, all LED drivers include two clips for fix on surface.

Designing new products has never been easier! With E-Lemon driver you shouldn’t bear in mind the space to hold the driver and his temperature limits, since usually is lower than the LED. It means the lighting fittings can be much smaller; you only need heat sink the LED.

In this regard, E-Lemon, with the company Uhigh Lighting, is the first company in the electronics market to launch this integrated technology.

Major Specifications:
•    LED driver with shock-resistant housing and IP67
•    Suitable for install in humid environments, specially ready to be buried:
    o    Outside luminaries, mainly buried, also in flood areas
    o    All LED drivers include 2 clips for fix on surface
    o    All the E-Lemon’s LED drivers are manufactured to be able to install without any problem in a bathrooms and rooms with high humidity, since are equipped with all the necessary physical and electrical protections
    o    The compact design and small approach dimensions allow passed through the established hole for the lighting, in most cases
•    Quick and easy installation
•    Class II protection against electric shock
•    IK10 shock resistance, IP6X dustproof and IPX7 waterproof. It can easily be installed outdoors or indoors
•    Compact size
•    Input and output standard terminal blocks (until 2.5mm) on opposite sides
•    Input and output cable glands for wires from Ø5 to Ø 10 mm
•    Electronic components totally sealed on the main housing

Additionally, E-Lemon drivers comply with all safety and protection standards as RoHS and RAEE.

For more information, visit our official site:
You also can watch and learn real samples of installations on our YouTube channel.

About Uhigh Lighting:

E-Lemon is founded in 2016, together with the company Uhigh Lighting, an international brand in outdoor lighting products.
Our factory is located in Ningbo, China. The revolutionary system has developed and manufactured thanks to highly qualified team of engineers and designers, who work at Technical Centre to create an integrated driver, which is worldwide patented.
With respect to the electronics parts, production and sealing take place in the EagleRiseR plant in Foshan, in South of China.


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