Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 08, 2012

eldoLED Announces 50W AC LED Driver Series

eldoLED announces the 50W SOLOdrive, DUALdrive and POWERdrive AC. The 50W AC series features broad compatibility (0-10V, DALI and DMX/RDM) and can be used in a great variety of lighting application areas. The 50W LED drivers naturally offer the eldoLED signature features: smooth dimming, user configurability and LEDcode.

LED dimming made beautiful:
eldoLED drivers excel in smooth, flicker-free dimming and dim down all the way to 0.1% - irrespective of whether the driver is part of a 0-10V, DALI or DMX environment.

Configure to suit your application:
You can change the driver's configuration to perfectly fit your application's requirements. From exact current output values and dimming related settings for SOLOdrive and DUALdrive to extensive DMX-related settings for POWERdrive.

Extend the feature set with LEDcode:
LEDcode, available on all eldoLED AC driver series, lets you extend the driver's feature set, adding value into your lighting application. LEDcode enables seamless integration of time, motion, and brightness based intelligence for maximum energy and operational efficiency.

Contact data:
For further information, please contact the eldoLED sales department at or +1 408 451 9333 (North America) or +31 40 205 4050 (other countries). For information regarding customized solutions, please contact the eldoled OEM department at or +1 408 451 9333 (North America) or +31 40 205 4050 (other countries).

About eldoLED:
eldoLED develops, produces and markets high-performance dimmable LED drivers for general white and full color RGBW/A LED lighting applications. eldoLED standard products include 0-10V/DALI/DMX/RDM compatible drivers renowned for their excellent dimming, user configurability and efficiency. Customized and design-in solutions are available on request.