Products, Materials & Tools | Oct 01, 2014

ELT Introduces New Driver Series and New Members of Exisiting Product Lines at LpS 2014

In the area of lighting, the progress made over the last few years is incredible. So much that products which were state-of-the-art only three years ago are currently out of the market because they have been completely left behind by others. The reason behind this technological progress lies within the power of R+D and the effort that leading companies are continuously making. This is the only way to go if you want to be part of the sector’s avantgarde. Following the way of innovation, ELT has the honour to present the new product ranges LC-XT and LC-‐E-UN. Two lighting solutions that cover a large number of applications and solve many needs.

LC-XT, one of the most reliable drivers in the market
LC-XT is a solution designed and manufactured in-house at ELT´s facilities. The fact of having the creators of this technology in our own facilities is the best way to guarantee service, deadlines, flexibility and technical assistance.

Ripple Output Current <2%. The smaller the driver’s ripple is, the more Lumens/Watt it gives the luminaire. It is one of the drivers with less ripple in the market. A minor ripple means less variation of illumination and therefore less eye fatigue in people, with all that it entails. This is the most important feature of all.

THD <10%
The lower the THD, the less harmonic distortion will enter the electrical network. So the electrical system does not suffer and lasts longer.

The problems caused by high THD on installations might be very serious:
•    Overloading of neutral conductors which also produces overheating of transformers
•    Undesired shots on differential protection circuits for no apparent reason
•    Overloading of capacitors of power factor correction
•    Alteration in radio or telecommunications systems nearby
•    Premature deterioration of transformers, contactors and protection systems.

These are the reasons why this parameter is very important and taken into account by municipalities and ESCOs.

Power factor (>0.96)
Despite being multi-power equipment, the power factor behavior remains good throughout the load range.

As the load decreases, so does the PF. Many equipments do it very drastically which means spending more money on the electric bill. The LC-XT has a great performance in this aspect.

Powers and currents: ELT has a solution up to 1400mA 150W. One of the highest in the market. In addition, there is a specific option for 90W.

Product Life
Long life time of 50 hours at Tc = 75°C and Ta = 60°C. (Ta -40°C / + 60°C).

In low quality capacitors, the electrolyte melts at -20°C which may cause the driver to break and stop working. The LC-XT is implemented with very high quality components used in the automotive industry, so it works properly at -40°C.

The LC-XT has a surge protection of 6KV. Besides the surge protection inside, an extra protection is available, the ITP*.

*Protective systems based on ITP technology try to control the weakest link in the chain in case of a potential discharge phenomenon, like lightning. Thus, before reaching the breakdown voltage of the luminaire system with respect to ground, they produce a discharge through their self-protection system which carries potentially dangerous energy safely to earth.

The LCXT ENEC certification is on its way.

LC-UN series, the product range with the greatest input voltage range
This product range consists of solutions designed and manufactured at ELT facilities in Spain. It is the result of ELT leadership in South America and its presence in more than 100 countries around the world, having different mains voltages depending on the country, and even different input voltages within the same country.

The fact of having the creators of this technology in our facilities is the best way to guarantee service, deadlines, flexibility and technical assistance.

The universal voltage drivers of ELT have a very good electrical performance throughout the operating range. Moreover, they are able to work with AC or DC power.

These aspects, together with the feature of multi-power of all ELT drivers, give the luminaire a tremendous versatility to access almost all of the world lighting market, reducing stocks significantly and optimizing logistics facilities.

Within LC-UN series, the following families can be found:
LC-A-UN: Drivers with an input voltage of 110-277V for loads up to 25W but regulated from very low loads (<10W). The drivers are class II and SELV so ideal for downlight applications. Perfect combination with eLED OCTO.

LC-E-UN: Drivers with an input voltage of 110-277V for loads up to 50W, ideal for COBs and downlight applications (class I, class II and fan switch on option) and outdoor IP67 lighting fixtures which can incorporate IP20 drivers (possible lightning protection).
Lots of different currents available, easily adaptable for particular COB´s from any customer. High efficiency, both electrical (90-­‐91%) and luminous (ROC <2%). Perfect combination with eLED OCTO.

LC-D-UN: Drivers with an input voltage of 110-277V for loads up to 90W, class I for indoor linear lighting. High efficiency, both electrical (90-91%) and luminous (ROC <2%). Lots of different currents available to suit the lighting level required by the customer. Slim format: 21mm tall. Perfect combination with eLED LINE 1, 2 or eLED SQUARE.

LC-C-UN: Drivers with an input voltage of 110-240V for loads up to 60W, linear class I for indoor lighting which do not require slim format. High efficiency, both electrical -0,87 and luminous (ROC <2%). Driver height 28mm. Design very competitive. Compatible with kits of eLED modules.


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