Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 05, 2014

EPtronics Offers 25 and 40 Watt HL Rated (Hazardous Location) Dimmable LED Drivers

EPtronics, Inc has introduced a new line of 25W and 40W UL recognized LED drivers which are made to withstand hazardous locations. These drivers are intended to be installed in hazardous (classified) location areas without needing further evaluation.

The LDHL LED Driver Series offers efficient and proven constant current or constant voltage designs that feature dimmable (-PD for PWM dimming, -RD for 0-10V dimming) and non-dimmable options. The 25W driver’s input voltage range is 90-305VAC and the output voltage range is 4-72VDC with output currents ranging from 350-2080mA. The 40W driver’s input voltage range is 90-305VAC and the output voltage rage is 3-140VDC with output currents ranging from 300-4450mA.

These new drivers are fully encapsulated in black 5VA (UL 94 Flame Rating) plastic casing which adds internal thermal protection. This feature certifies these drivers to receive Type HL rating from UL. These drivers are rated IP66 and can also withstand dry and damp conditions.

For more information and to download the LDHL25W & LDHL40W LED Series datasheet, or any of our other product datasheets, please visit our website at Feel free to contact our qualified sales staff for answers to technical questions, and they will be happy to offer LED driver suggestions to help solve your LED lighting requirements.

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About EPtronics:
EPtronics is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of LED power supplies. We develop and continuously grow our line of LED drivers based on field applications and input from customers including many leaders in the LED lighting industries