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Everline® PA LED Drivers Bring Auxiliary Output Power to 0-10 V Outdoor and Industrial Applications

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc., a global leader in lighting and a member of the Panasonic Group, recently introduced its PA Series of LED drivers. Designed for the smart fixture, PA drivers eliminate the need for a separate power supply for sensors by providing 12 Volts DC (12 Vdc) or 24 Vdc auxiliary output power.

These drivers are compatible with any standard 0-10V analog dimming control signal. They can be programmed down to minimum dimming level of 5 percent using the popular EVERset tuning software. The software allows designers to customize PA driver parameters, such as minimum and maximum output currents, dimming curves, dimming control voltages and a dim-to-off command. Specific configurations can then be saved for production use.

“Universal has always focused extensively on providing our customers with the right driver for the right application, which is why we developed a family of programmable drivers with auxiliary output power for outdoor and industrial luminaires,” said Kevin Boyce, director of product management at Universal Lighting Technologies. “PA drivers have been engineered to support the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) transformation by providing power directly to sensors and reducing the number of components inside luminaires.”

PA drivers are well suited for industrial and outdoor applications with Class 2 output, Type HL rating and 6 kV surge protection for extreme environments. The LED drivers are available in 55 W and 95 W.

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About Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc:

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. a member of the Panasonic group and a subsidiary of Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc., engineers, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for commercial lighting across North America, including LED drivers, LED modules, fluorescent, HID and connected devices using wired and wireless technology. Universal’s EVERLINE® LED retrofit continuum provides a range of solutions for upgrading fluorescent to LED. With over 70 years of experience, the company is recognized for its commitment to quality and customer service. Learn more about Universal at 


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