Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 26, 2010

Exar Releases First in a Family of Boost Controllers Supporting LED Lighting

Exar Corporation (Nasdaq: EXAR) has released its first in a family of high power boost controllers, the SP7606, for use in powering large LED arrays.

When used together with the SP7615 or SP7616, SP7606 boost controller reduces component count by four devices, shrinks external component size, and reduces the package from a 3x3mm to a 2x3mm DFN. It can also be used for general DC/DC conversion in boost, flyback, Cuk, and SEPIC configurations. The most common market for large arrays of LEDs is LCD display backlighting, however it can also be used for the growing conversion market from incandescent and florescent to LED lighting systems.

"The SP7606 is an evolutionary step from the higher part count synchronous buck controllers giving customers solutions more tailored to the design requirements found in a wide array of leading LED lighting applications," said Jon Cronk, director, Power Management Marketing. "Further additions to the SP76xx and boost controller families will deliver increased power in smaller packages for current and future market needs."

Key Product Features:
The SP7606 is an internally compensated 1.2MHz boost controller suitable for driving any number of topologies using a low side switch and the high frequency and internal compensation ensure a small solution size in all applications. Exar's switching regulator controllers are able to take full advantage of high switching speeds having industry leading technology which provides on-times as short as 30ns and fault delays less than 100ns. This technology ensures constant frequency operation over a far wider operating range than comparable industry products and eases concerns designers may have with EMI and related agency approvals. The enable pin logic was specifically designed to match that used by the SP7616 so that a single I/O can be used to disable both devices. The output feedback disconnect eliminates the leakage path from the input source during shutdown so that shutdown current is less than 80uA rather than 150 to 200uA. This ensures battery powered systems have reduced battery leakage when shutdown.

Power Management Products:
Highly reliable, efficient, and accurate, power management is a critical part of any technology system. Exar has a broad array of high-performance and industry-proven power management solutions including handset and lighting controls, power conversion, and standard linear devices.

Prices, Packages, Availability and Additional Information:
Samples of the SP7606 are available now. The device is in a Pb-free, 2x3mm 8-pin DFN package and operates over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range. In 1k piece quantities the SP7606 is $0.85 and additional information can be found at . Additional information on other power management products can be found at .

About Exar:
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