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GlacialPower Launches New GP-TH120N-24V LED Constant Voltage Driver with TRIAC Dimming

GlacialPower, the power division of the LED technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc, announces the new GP-TH120N-24V LED constant voltage driver. It is available in 24 V DC output rated power of 120 W. The driver supports TRIAC dimming function, and appropriates for LED strip applications in places such as restaurants, jewelry shop, home and theater.

•    AC input range from 205 to 256 V AC
•    Constant voltage mode
•    Work with leading edge and trailing edge TRIAC dimmers
•    AC phase-cut dimming
•    IP67 rated
•    Class I power unit, with FG
•    Safety protections include OVP, OCP, SCP, and OTP
•    Appropriate for 24V LED strips application
•    3 Years warranty
•    RoHS compliant


Model No.



Voltage Range (VDC)


Ripple & Noise (Max.)


Voltage Tolerance

± 5%

Dimming Range


Rated Current (mA)

5000 mA

Rated Power (W)

120 W

Efficiency (Typ.)


Set up Time (Max.)

0.5 s / 230 VAC at full load


Voltage Range (VAC)

205~256 VAC

Frequency Range (Hz)

50/60 Hz

AC Current (Max.)

1.2 A at 230 VAC

Max. Inrush Current

≤ 60 A at 230 VAC

Leakage Current

<1 mA / 230 VAC


Over Voltage

105% - 125% Output voltage limiting, latch off

Over Current

110% - 140% Constant current limiting, auto-recovery

Over Temperature

110°C - 120°C Temperature limiting, auto-recovery

Short Circuit

Hiccup mode, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed



100K hours min. at Ta=25°C

(L x W x H)

222x68x39 mm ; 1024 g/pcs


The dimming adjustment output of the GP-TH120N-24V LED driver ranges from 1% to 100%. Works with leading edge and trailing edge TRIAC dimmers. The typical power conversion efficiency is 84%. It supports an AC input voltage range from 205 to 256 VAC.

Wiring-DiagramThe fully isolated case design enables an operation temperature range of -20°C to 50°C, which means that the LED driver can be used in most environments. Additionally, with IP67 approval as well as four different protections: Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), Over-Current Protection (OCP), Short-Circuit Protection (SCP) and Over-Temperature Protection (OTP), these drivers are highly secure.

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About GlacialPower:

GlacialPower, the power division of GlacialTech, manufactures Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) solutions for LED lighting applications. GlacialPower provides LED Drivers and power supplies with a wide wattage range for a variety of applications. GlacialPower power supplies use attractive and contemporary design to deliver quality products that possess innovative features and ease of usability for customers. For details, please visit at