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GRE’s SEL-20kA Answers the Threat of Power Surges

LED lighting investments can cost thousands of dollars - ignoring the possibility of unchecked power line transient voltage surge can be devastating. GRE Alpha’s surge protection device acts as a flood wall that guards against transient voltage surges, enabling the lighting system to stay intact, and saves the costs associated with replacement. The risk of surge-related damage is even greater today, due to LEDs being more complex than in the past. Dimming and other functionality have resulted in more parts and circuits that can be damaged or destroyed by a lightning or power surge. So, how can you protect your investment, while still utilizing state-of-the-art lighting technology?

GRE Alpha’s Solution to Power Surges

The GRE Alpha SEL-20kA Surge Energy Protector provides maximum protection by providing eff¬ective coverage against both direct and indirect lightning strikes. The SEL-20kA Transient Surge Energy Protector is potted, making it an ideal fit for indoor or outdoor use—this means surge protection that is ideal for various applications, including street lighting and signage. Complying with UL1449 Type 2 SPD, this cUL/UL Listed device provides 20 kA max and Voc 20 kV, L-L and L-G protection, offering comprehensive protection on various transient and direct surges.

Additional Ease of Installation when Paired with GRE Alpha Dimming Modules

The GRE Surge protector is the ideal accessory for multiple uses and works well with other components. Using GRE’s own patented driver housing as an example, Richard Fong, Director at GRE Alpha states “Our housing design not only saves on installation costs but simplifies wiring and allows for the addition of accessories such as surge protection and our dimming modules for tuning lighting recipes.”

Unlike many products, GRE Alpha’s lighting solutions keep the LED power supply, dimming functionality, and protection circuitry separate. This lets you decide which functionality is most important to you. For example, the SLD SMART-DIM MODULE can be added onto existing lights, making them dimmable when you’re ready.

Wiring can be done within the product's wiring compartments without the need for external junction boxes to house the wiring and the LED driver. GRE Alpha’s patented driver has integral wiring compartments as part of the core design.

As a result, the Smart Dim Module:  
•    Takes three times less time to install than a competing solution
•    Increases reliability due to fewer open connections with exposed wiring

The modular approach offers numerous advantages. Other solutions in the market already incorporate all functions in one product, which leads to feature creep and forces the customer to buy features that they don't necessarily need. According to Mr. Fong, “Our approach allows us to separate the module and to make sure our products do each thing well without compromising on cost or performance.” Attendees of October’s Hong Kong International Lighting Fair will be able to see these products at Booth No. 1CON-003, ED-TSO and make the comparison themselves.

For additional information, please visit the GRE Alpha power surges website, send an email to sales@grealpha.com or phone us for USA at (770) 538-0630, for Japan at (81)-3-5403-6364, and for all other countries at +852 24233332 in Hong Kong.

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