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Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 26, 2008

High-Voltage, 100mA/200mA/350mA, Linear HB LED

Maxim Integrated Products (Pink Sheets: MXIM) introduces the MAX16815/MAX16828/MAX16835/MAX16836 high-voltage, linear high-brightness LED (HB LED) drivers capable of driving a long string of HB LEDs from a 6.5V to 40V input supply.

These single-channel devices integrate a pass element with a low, 0.4V (typ) dropout voltage, thus eliminating the need for an external power transistor. Providing ±5% accurate LED current control, the pass element ensures excellent brightness matching while reducing the size, complexity, and cost of the total LED driver solution. Additionally, these devices utilize an external resistor placed in series with the LEDs to adjust the output current from 35mA to 100mA (MAX16815), 35mA to 200mA (MAX16828), or 35mA to 350mA (MAX16835/MAX16836). To simplify dimming control, these devices feature a PWM LED dimming input. These easy-to-use, versatile LED drivers are ideal for a wide range of applications including automotive map, courtesy, dome, instrument-cluster, and RCL lighting; emergency warning lights; signage and indicator lighting; and architectural and ambient lighting.

Designed for harsh environments, the MAX16815/MAX16828/MAX16835/MAX16836 provide robust protection features, including short-circuit and thermal protection. A +5V regulated output that provides up to 4mA load current is also included. Additionally, these devices can implement LED current thermal foldback for the driver circuit with a single negative-temperature-coefficient (NTC) thermistor and a minimum number of external components.

The MAX16815/MAX16828 are available in a thermally enhanced, 3mm x 3mm, 6-pin TDFN package with exposed pad, and the MAX16835/MAX16836 are available in a 16-pin TQFN package with exposed pad. All devices are fully specified over the -40°C to +125°C automotive temperature range. Prices start at $0.48 (1000-up, FOB USA).

Main Features:
•  The MAX16815/MAX16828/MAX16835/MAX16836 are high-voltage, linear HB LED drivers with adjustable drive current.
•  These devices reduce the size, complexity, and cost of LED driver solutions.
•  To enable these benefits, they integrate a pass element with a low, 0.4V (typ) dropout voltage, thus eliminating the need for an external power transistor.
•  The MAX16815/MAX16828/MAX16835/MAX16836 are ideal for automotive interior and exterior lighting applications that require simple, compact LED drivers.

About Maxim Integrated Products:

Maxim Integrated Products, a two billion dollar company, designs and manufactures ICs for analog and mixed-signal applications. The company's broad portfolio of 28 product categories is among the industry's deepest, with over 5400 products.