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Featured | Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 15, 2016

ICL8105 – Digital Flyback Controller IC for LED Driver

The ICL8105 is a digitally configurable flyback controller with Power Factor Correction (PFC) for constant power LED drivers from 10 to 80 W. The LED driver IC offers the advantages of the digital world which includes the ability of the LED power supply to be configured by the customer on site using software thus enabling fast engineering and simplified variant handling in production.

Operation parameters such as the output current and the protection features are digitally configurable. Infineon offers a user friendly Graphical User Interface .dp Vision (GUI) for PCs, allowing rapid engineering without the need for slow component design iterations. At the end of the production line, multiple LED drivers can be built with the same hardware using different ICL8105 parameter sets.

The digital core of the ICL8105 and its advanced control algorithms provide multi operation modes such as quasi resonant mode, discontinuous conduction mode or active burst mode. With this functionality and smooth transition between the operation modes, the controller delivers high efficiency, high power factor and low harmonic distortion through the entire load range. The optional active burst mode control scheme significantly extends the dimming range and is aligned to the line frequency avoiding effects like flicker or shimmer while also reducing audible noise.

ICL8105 optionally generates a square wave signal for a transformer to isolate the 0-10 V dimming signal. The dimming curve is configurable for linear or eye-adapted brightness control. To protect the load and LED Driver against over-temperature, the IC reacts intelligently by gradually reducing the output current until the over temperature situation is resolved.

The primary side control saves external components especially an opto coupler, thus reducing cost and effort and increasing reliability. With its integrated functionality the ICL8105 enables an increase set of features without external parts.

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